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Jehanzeb 01-23-2009 05:09 AM

Windows 7 put up against Vista and XP in hardcore multicore benchmarks, XP wins
Windows 7 put up against Vista and XP in hardcore multicore benchmarks, XP wins

Now that the Windows 7 beta is out, the benchmarks are coming fast and furious, and while 7's been previously found to best XP and Vista during "real-world" tasks, it looks like XP is still the outright speed champ on current hardware.

That's at least the word according to InfoWorld, which pitted all three systems against each other in a suite of tests designed to suss out how each performed on modern multicore systems, and while we won't pretend to grok all the data, there's nothing complicated about the final results, which showed that "any illusions about Windows 7 somehow being leaner or more efficient than Vista can now be thrown out the window.

" Sure, there was some speedup -- 7 was 60 percent faster than Vista during the dual-core workflow tests -- but overall, 7's just slower on dual- and quad-core hardware than XP.

However, there's a silver lining here: InfoWorld says the slowdown is in large part due to the extra code Vista and 7 use to manage multicore processors, and as the number of cores increase, the corresponding performance gains are much bigger than with XP since they can be used more efficiently.

Of course, by the time we're all sitting pretty with 48-core Larrabee machines this all might be just a distant memory, so for right now we're just going to get back to installing the Windows 7 beta on anything we can find and reveling in the glory of perceived speedups.

Read - Analysis I (against Vista alone)
Read - Analysis II (against Vista and XP)

Source Engadget


Horsegma 01-24-2009 08:34 AM

It's because of this post that I am going to be having my nephew change my Vista to Windows XP. He will be coming out today or tomorrow to do this.

Is this what you are recommending?

I read that whole 5 or 6 page article you posted and some of it I could understand.

He will also be taking out my PC Cillian security and add the free AVG and I hope some other of the things mentioned I read in another technology post.

I'm hoping I am making the right decision.

What is your opinion?


Jehanzeb 01-24-2009 09:45 AM

Well the tests which I have posted above shows that XP runs a lot faster on Dual and Quad core pcs, generally because it does not utilize a lot of processing powers which are utilized by Vista and 7 from the processer.

There are number of reasons to switch from Vista to XP however I am not sure as to what is making you to switch over?

Here in the article it shows that XP is outperforming over Vista even after Vista getting it's SP1 done.
Windows XP outshines Vista in benchmarking test - CNET News

Here in the article it explains why XP is far better then Vista

Vista proves to be no better than XP - Arts & Entertainment

I can go on and on, however the simple point is that Vista does not allow more flexibility in terms of general use of the machine. It's restrictive behaviour turned away a lot of people from it.

Yes! there are work arounds to switch off those annoying little pop ups but you got to think youself how long do you have to search around and keep switching off things.

Additionally people are more familiar with XP then Vista. XP functionalities are far more user friendly then Vista's and are far less annoying.

In my own experience I have switched alot of customers from Vista to XP, because of Vista's annoyance got into their heads.

Vista is pretty to look at however XP is not that bad to look at. You can change XP themes to look just like Vista if you so wish.

Anyhow, I would definitely recommend XP over Vista, unless or otherwise there are any major drivers/software which only works on Vista.

(Please do note that some manufatures only supply drivers of Vista so please check that your manufacturer do let you download XP drivers!) Similarly with software, although majority of software work with XP however you have to make sure they all do work with XP.

If however you are not sure, post your machine Make, Model number and some software of which you are in doubt and I'll try to help you out.


Horsegma 01-24-2009 09:55 AM

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525.

I use Roxio, Dell Webcam, Windows DVD Maker, Google Desktop Sidebar, Microsoft Office/Works are the main ones I guess I use.

I have been using Vista this past year and found nothing wrong with it, but he claims that it will run much faster.

Also, is it ok to take out PC Cillian and add the above mentioned?

Thank you so very much by the way.

Jehanzeb 01-24-2009 11:41 AM

Sorry for the delayed answer I had customers.

Right, then my advise would be "If aint broke don't fix it!" :D. There is no reason to fix something which is working fine, that is in my opinion.

Yes XP will make the machine faster but not dramatically faster, perhaps you might not find it faster then Vista instead you might say where are my beautiful icons and screens are gone? :D

Reinstallation will mean backing up your documents, emails, music etc and then restoring them. If you like Vista and you don't find any problems with it then best bet is to keep it as it is.

Saying that, there are people who did not like the upgrade to Vista for number of reasons, one being too restrictive others were that it has not the same settings as old XP and some said it made my pc slow - very slow.

As far as drivers are concern then yes they are supported

here is the link

Other software which you mentioned will work fine with XP :D

Rest is up to you.


claireauriga 01-24-2009 11:46 AM

In my experience, choosing XP over Vista is for people who want to get really down deep into how their computer works. For the average computer user, as long as you have decent hardware (these days I wouldn't let anyone buy a computer with less than 2GB RAM, 1GB will get obselete soon) XP won't be all that better than Vista.

Horsegma 01-24-2009 11:54 AM

Mulling it all over at the moment. 8)

Thanks for giving me the info.

He called and won't be coming over till tomorrow morning so that gives me some thinking time. :-)

Jehanzeb 01-24-2009 12:31 PM

Well XP is better then Vista there are no doubts about it. Perhaps a read to those articles posted might change your mind Claire :D.

Saying that, the dramatic change will always come when your OS starts utilizing the hardware in your pc. For example, Memory wise Vista can support alot more memory then XP however Vista's process crunching, memory hogging Aero designs takes that much extra memory, so you end up with the same situation as of XP.

The point which needs to be noted is, does other programs (which you use) utilize the same memory on Vista or XP? It is correct that XP cannot read over 3.5GB memory however does your software requires that much memory to run? I doubt if MyDVD and Office require that much of a Memory.

For normal standard home pc's 1GB is far more then enough. You can easily open and close Office 2007 however 2GB is recommended and used if you want to play games. Otherwise 1GB is more then enough.

Horsegma, if possible, keep your thoughts aloud so we can suggest you before next day sun rises :D.


Horsegma 01-24-2009 01:04 PM

I will do that.

I will let them gather for a bit and come back and list them all at one time.

Horsegma 01-24-2009 02:33 PM

Still on the fence.

I don't know if this is helpful but I copied down these numbers for you. I don't know if they will mean anything to you. They sure as heck don't to me. :)

Processor calculated per second 4.7
Memory Ram 4.5
Graphics 3.4
Gaming Graphics 3.5
Primary Hard Disk 5.1

I have Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1
intel core duo cpu
t5450 @1.66ghz 1.67ghz
Memory Ram 2.00 GB 32 bit Operating System.

It also asked me if I wanted to upgrade?????

Like I said, I am not having any problems. But, I think maybe I could be missing a lot faster computer and just don't know it, and if I switch I would realize what I had wasn't that good?

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