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lacey011 01-23-2009 05:47 PM

Bay QH Mare for Sale! New Pics!
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Pixie is a registered QH mare. Her registered name is Just A Lucky Pixie. She is about 15 hh...maybe a little under....she is a very petite mare. She is a dark bay...sheds out almost black in the summer. Pixie is the kind of horse that you can hop on and go. Her groud temperamet is definitely a 1 and her saddle temperament is about 3-4 jut because she likes to trot. She will walk as soon as she is asked, but her trot i so fun to ride.The only issue that she has is during saddling. It's nothing major at all if you just tie her head close to the hitching post. If she's tied loosely, she will pin her ears back and reach around like she's going to bite, but she never will actually bite. If you tighten the girth slowly she is just fine. This is a habit that she developed and never was broke of it, but she has never actually bitten or offered to kick. Tying her head close to the hitching post solves this. We have gotten her used to taking the bit smoothly by rubbing honey on it before we put it in her mouth. She had a habit of raising her head up when putting on the bridle, but the honey quickly solved that! Also, she's not tall at all so it's still easy to bridle her even with her head lifted up. She has never been shod, her feet are 100% healthy. She has never been lame at all....110% healthy! =) Pixie is a good little mare for trails. She always rides with her ears forward and is ready to take on anything on the trails. She LOVES playing in water. We had her at a waterfall and she rode me under it! She is bombproof and doesn't mind traffic, fourwheelers, flapping tarps, guns, other horses, etc. She doesn't mind dogs unless they get up on her back legs....if they get under her she will prance but nothing major. She has been trained using Clinton Anderson methods, so if she ever does anything that you didn't ask her to, all you have to do is pull her nose around to her shoulder for about 30 seconds and she will quit whatever she did immediately. Pixie is wonderful in a round pen for beginners. She is a great horse out on trails. She has the smoothest rocking horse lope and her trot is easy to ride. She is an angel out on trails, is easy to stop and turn. I have attatched one pic of Pixie and will get some other ones tomorrow when I go feed. My camera is out at the barn. =) The only reason I am looking to trade is because my geldings are acting extremely studly towards her. I bought her because my paint gelding is turning 24 this year and is getting close to retirement. But, my geldings haven't taken to her at all, so I need to find a different gelding.

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