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Tayz 01-24-2009 06:22 AM

Red Dawn Stables
Red Dawn Stables

Choosing Right From Wrong

Leah turned the water taps off, picked up the buckets and headed off towards the barn. As she passed a small paddock, a chestnut thoroughbred came galloping over to the fence. She smiled. The horse began snuffling at her pockets for mints. She put the buckets on the ground and began to rummage through her pocket, after a while she found them and gave him one. The thoroughbred finished it in seconds and began snuffling for more.
“That’s all you get.” Leah patted his smooth neck and smiled. The horse seemed to understand that there was no more been handed out and galloped off down the small paddock. Leah watched for a minute. She smiled again and picked up the water buckets, making her way to the barn. She breathed in the deep smell of old leather, straw and horses. It seemed so familiar to her now but she still got a buzz from the smell.
As Leah approached the barn, one of their stable hands, Lucas Whelm, 16, suddenly appeared walking a small pinto yearling. He spotted her and gave her a generous grin, waved and began to head towards the paddocks.
That’s weird, how come he didn’t come over?Leah shrugged. He was probably busy. It was always busy at her Auntie’s stable, Red Dawn Stables, and the stable hands were always running around trying to get all the work done in time. There were two stable hands in particular that Leah enjoyed talking to. Lucas and another boy named Matt Derwin, 16. Leah was closer to Matt though.
She had never really been close to any of the other stable hands other than Lucas and Matt. And thank god I’m not Leah thought bitterly. The other stable hands swore, yelled and they had no manners. Leah was not the type of girl to get annoyed at things like these, but she was defiantly annoyed about them. To be honest, they give Red Dawn a bad name she thought as she gently placed the buckets next to two different stalls. She stood back and sighed.
“You need a doctor? Your breathing seems to be coming a bit too fast.” Teased Matt, who had appeared suddenly from a stall.
Leah leaned down and picked up a sponge which had been left on the floor and threw it at him. He dodged it easily.
“You shouldn’t throw things, Leah, It’s naughty.” He said mockingly. He looked towards the sponge on the floor beside him and grinned. He grabbed the sponge and dipped it into one of the buckets of water she had just gotten.
“No! Matt! Don’t!” she pleaded.
He grinned at her and shoved it back into the bucket. He wiped his wet hands on the back of his jeans. Leah hated losing Matts’ games, but she promised herself she would defiantly win next time. She looked around at the stalls. There were fifteen stalls on each side, making thirty stalls in the whole barn. Red Dawn currently had eleven school horses, six push-button ponies, five rescued horses and ponies and eight borders. One of those borders was her horse, Windsong. Windsong was a five year old, Straight Egyptian Arabian. He was a very famous showjumper until his accident. Leah shuddered as she visualized that awful memory. About one year ago, Windsong had still been a very famous showjumping horse. His very last show was even worse than you could imagine. His rider had entered him in a showjumping tournament and they were good to go, but Windsongs owner became greedy and told the hired rider to push him as hard as possible. Windsongs rider was reluctant at first but was soon agreeing to this. As Windsongs rider took him jump over jump, they were looking great. Windsong hadn’t knocked a pole down yet. There was one last obstacle on the course. Windsongs rider turned him towards it and their stride was perfect, but then the rider whipped him. Windsong had freaked out and as they went sailing over the jump, he landed head first on the hard ground. The crowd had gone crazy. Everyone wanted to know whether they were okay. The rider broke his shoulder and knee and the horse was both damaged mentally and physically.
Not long after, Windsongs owner gave up trying to get him to jump again and gave him to the slaughter house. Leah’s aunty had been called from a friend who had visited the slaughter house about a good-looking horse who would be turned into dog food soon and she had taken a trip up there and came home with a chestnut and three thousand dollars less in her pocket.
Leah had watched every single lesson her aunty had done with the Arab. She had fallen in love with him as soon as she had seen him. Leah sighed as she remembered the first time she had seen him.
“Looks like someone’s daydreaming about their boyfriend.” Matt teased. Leah blinked a few times. She had been stuck so long dwelling on the past that now Matt was brushing down the walkway.
“Huh?” she turned back to him.
Matt shrugged, turned back to the sweeping and muttered something under his breath. She caught some words, not listening to me.
Leah walked over to the water bucket and grabbed out the Sponge.
“Oh Matt?” she said sweetly, hiding the sponge behind her back.
Matt turned towards her, a frown creasing on his face. “Yeah?” he said.
Leah threw the sponge at him and in what felt like slow motion, it hit the side of his face and fell to the ground. Matt stood there for a minute. Perhaps it had not been the wisest thing to do. He suddenly leaped forward, grabbing the sponge as he went and ran towards her. Leah laughed and ran towards the entrance. This would be fun.

Tayz 01-24-2009 06:23 AM

Chapter 2

Leah was heading towards the tack room when she heard a familiar whinny. She turned to see Flye hanging his head over the stall door. Leah rummaged through her pocket for a mint and gave it to him. He chewed it slowly and when finished, began to snuffle for more. Leah laughed and gave him a huge hug. Flye meant the world to Leah. She wouldn’t be able to survive without him. When she had been little her Aunty had taught her how to ride on Flye and Leah could only vaguely remember playing around underneath the massive horses’ legs. She drummed her fingers gently over his silvery grey coat and frowned.
“What’s this?” she muttered to herself. She felt for it again, and without much trouble, found it again. It was a huge lump on the horses’ neck. Leah let herself into the stall and had a closer look. It was defiantly a lump. She felt tears of worry prickling her eyes and bit her lip in anxiety. No, I am being stupid She thought to herself, but a nagging sense of doubt was still there. Leah walked out of the stall, slipped the bolt back into place and jogged quickly towards the paddocks. Minutes later she saw the familiar forms of Matt and Lucas. As she ran towards them, Matt turned and waved. When she finally reached them, she realised how hard she had been breathing. She stood there shakily as she tried to catch her breath.
“You Okay Leah? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Lucas said, his words full of concern.
Leah looked up to see both of them staring at her.
“I-it’s Flye, he h-has a lump on his back.” Leah stuttered. She saw Lucas and Matt glance at each other and Matt began to run up towards the stable. Leah frowned but shrugged it off and followed. What was that all about? Was Flye ok? Was it cancer? Was she going to die? She shook herself of those thoughts. No, I’m thinking nonsense, he’s fine. She caught up to Matt quickly and saw a grim expression on his face. She tried to keep positive about it. They reached the stall and found Flye poking his head over the door. He nickered a greeting to them. Matt gave him a quick pat and let himself into the stall. Leah followed dumbly in and watched Matt rubs his hands gently down the horses back.
“So where ‘bouts you see it?” He asked, still searching. Leah walked over and pointed to where the lump was hidden.
“There.” Matt began to run his hands over it expertly and gave a “Hmmmm.” Leah felt her patience disappear and blurted out “Is Flye ok?” He kept running his hands lightly over the lump and after what seemed like ages, he turned and nodded.
“I think so; I think it might be wise to get a vet to check it out.” He combed his fingers through his rich dark hair in habit.
“I guess I better go call the vet, and tell your Aunty.” He headed for the door and Leah followed.
“What do you want me to do?” she asked. Matt turned around and stroked his chin thoughtfully.
“Umm…you go find Lucas and tell him what’s happening.” With that Matt pulled the bolt back and let himself out of the stall. He gave her a reassuring smile and walked away.
Leah gave Flye a quick kiss on his forehead and headed for the paddocks again.

Lucas combed his blonde wavy hair behind his ears with his fingers, smiled and picked up a bucket what had been left on the ground.
“Hey!” he shouted as he saw her heading towards him. In one hand he was carrying the bucket, in the other hand was a lead rope, a black friesen named Patience connected to it. As Leah got closer she slowed down. Horses hated quick moving objects and she didn’t have time to startle one now.
They both headed towards each other, Patience following quietly behind. Patience was a school horse, and because of that, Leah saw her all the time and knew she was a very placid horse. She was the only friesen at this school and was only used for Driving Carts. The rest of the time she stayed in the paddocks, which she didn’t mind one bit. She loved grazing and hated spending time in her stall. Patience nipped at Lucas’ shirts sleeve. He smiled, gave her a quick pat and looked back towards Leah.
“What’s up with Flye?” he asked.
Leah gave Patience a quick pat and turned to Lucas. His deep blue eyes were so intense. They gave his face a soft look and his smile always seemed to brighten Leah’s day.
“There’s a lump on his neck. Matt is going to call Robert now and tell my Aunty afterwards.” She watched his face expression change to more serious look. He clicked his tongue at Patience and began walking towards the barn. Leah followed quickly.
“Maybe until the vet checks him out, you should stay away from Flye.” Lucas unexpectedly said, glancing in her direction.
Leah quickly halted and looked Lucas straight in the eyes. She stared intensely at him until he quickly glanced away.
“Why would I do that!” she snapped. Patience ear’s went backwards at the sudden noise. Lucas gave her a quick reassuring pat before looking back to Leah uncomfortably.
“Well…er…it…would…er…not be so stressful for him.” Lucas picked at the lead ropes’ loose strings…

That's all i've got so far....It's just a muck around story. I've written heaps better than this...

Forgiveness 01-25-2009 12:40 AM

That's a good story.

Tayz 01-25-2009 12:53 AM

Thanks :D it's not very good...just a little story I made up..

farmpony84 01-27-2009 08:21 PM

I think it's pretty good... you should keep going.

Tayz 01-30-2009 04:21 AM

Thanks :D That means alot to me...

SamboStar 01-30-2009 11:46 AM

I think it's great! Keep going!

Tayz 02-04-2009 02:55 AM


Tayz 02-24-2009 04:44 AM

I haven't done anymor...yet

farmpony84 02-24-2009 04:45 PM

naughty! get to work!

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