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danceonhooves 06-04-2007 10:32 PM

uneven strength????
my horse Annie, is just beginning to build up topline muscles. and it's coming along great. she's had alot of problems with being on the forehand, so this is the first time in her 5 years being alive, that she's actually had to use her butt and back. lol.

anyways... i've started noticing that on her right lead, she strings out, but for a few strides at a time she'll collect, but then she'll string out again, so on and so on. but on her left lead, she stay pretty well collected for her training level.

here are some videos of her leads... is it possible that one side is just weaker thank the other, or am i doing something odd with my seat? im just stumped.

Right lead:

Left lead:

WLD 06-23-2007 11:28 AM

Paris, you have a beautiful horse in Annie, you both should have a long happy life together.

When a horse loses collection, or strings out, more than likely I would first see if she is getting bored at times and her mind is wandering.

Try this, in your practice routines, when you notice her stringing out, go into a figure eight pattern. Then back to a circle, if she strings out on the very first circle you can eliminate boredom. If she does not string out, but is collected and crisp. Then you should consider how many times you repeat an movement. Many times it is something as simple as varying the program to keep a horse interested. Try this and let us know.

kristy 06-23-2007 04:00 PM

Horses naturally have a weaker side. It is unusual for a horse to have evenly strong sides. However, it can be multiplied when the side has a weaker side as well when using their seat. (I have one).

I would recommend working more towards the weaker side to develop evenness between both leads.

Charlie Horse 07-02-2007 02:17 PM

Charlie has something similar to this. Usually their weaker side, as Kristy called it, is the opposite to their favored side. The eye that they like to look at you from, so they tend to want to round pen in one direction more. Charlie has the same thing, it was so bad when I first got him that you could only stand on one side of him, otherwise he wouldn’t move.

Like Kristy said, work on that weaker side. Make her use it more both when your riding and round penning. Its weaker because their favored side (or the opposite side of that, I forget) because more developed from being used more. I can cause a difference in hoof growth and shape as well. That’s how I ended up learning about it, from my farrier.

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