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alexischristina 06-17-2013 02:53 AM

Pretty impressed with myself... Jackson not so much
I entered a flat class for the first time on Jackson (and since starting to work with a coach) and managed to get a second in Equitation. The girl next to me laughed at my reaction when they called my number because Jackson was a huge PITA through the entire class, but I'm pretty impressed with myself :lol: (and yes I did just make this thread to brag). Jack, unfortunately, wouldn't stop calling through the entire class (and the one after), and of course that got the entire ring going... so there's something to work on but HEY, my Eq has improved apparently.


and since I don't have any pictures from the flat class, here's one of him being chatty.

ponypile 06-17-2013 03:03 AM

Something similar happened to me at a show once. Ironically also on a horse named Jack! The first class I was in was basic seat (aka equitation) and he was carrying on the entire class. Whinnying, fussing, being difficult in general. Fortunately he was a flat moving appy, and I'm used to big moving warmbloods, so I ended up 2nd in the class, since he appeared so difficult and I rode him through it well. There was about half an hour until our next class (english pleasure) and in that time he settled down and relaxed. Went into that class and he was a doll! I ended up with first in that class because he behaved so well!

But good job! 2nd is great for your first time in a class, especially on a dramatic pony ;)

alexischristina 06-17-2013 03:08 AM

He's so dramatic, he was loud through the ENTIRE show and that's one thing I honestly have no idea how to correct... my coach was on a three year old ottb who was quieter and mellower than he was :oops: unfortunately he didn't settle down for our HUS class, but there were also 18 riders in said class, and since I've had him he's only had to do his 'big boy work' (ie: not 'happy hacking') in groups of four or five at MOST.

I've always been scared of equitation classes, if I don't do well it's all on me. :lol:

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