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katieandduke 01-25-2009 04:31 PM

*** Round Penning ***
the barn i am at just recently got a round pen! i have put duke in there two times and both times he did great.. he has a tendency to stop but other than that he is perfect! i am trying to get im to turn and go the other direction but sometimes he wont listen.. i usually put my whip in front of him about four horse lengths and say whoo and i lean in towards him and he turns.. whenever i just say wooo he turns and looks at me and walks to me... he is doing everything right but how can i make him more effective at the turning and changing directions.. also he wont pick up a canter or lope i have to whip and whip and whip for him to canter... also what is some round penning exercises i can do with him on and off the ground.. thanks for the help!

free_sprtd 01-26-2009 02:32 PM

I just recently discovered the joys of the round pen. I love it! It really helped my relationship with Thunder when he was taking over position as Alpha (grrrr). To get him to turn, I would position my body like you said about 3 or 4 lengths in front of him but I have to move closer to the rail most times when he isn't listening. There were a few times in the beginning that he would try and rush past me but I had to be super firm and crack the whip. At first when they are getting used to the round pen, it might be a bit more difficult for them to feel comfortable with the canter I think. For Thunder, he is out of shape, but the more I have been working him hard, the longer I see him holding it. Sorry don't have any game ideas, but I would love to hear some too!

G and K's Mom 01-26-2009 03:01 PM

I use a verbal as well as body language to reinforce the change in direction. Our word is "other", but it can be anything. I don't use "change" as that's the cue if their cross cantering.

For games, add some obstacles like a tarp or ground poles.

katieandduke 01-26-2009 05:36 PM

hmm thats a good idea i do want to start jumping duke again so ground poles and jumps would be good.. ooo some bombproofing stuff like balloons or balls hmm. my mind is rolling with ideas!haha! thanks for the help!

PoptartShop 01-26-2009 05:55 PM

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Oooh, I love working in the roundpen. :D It's good for lunging & just playing games. Yes, I'd definitely start with some groundpoles & low x-rails.
Yes! That's a really good idea, some de-spooking stuff. :lol: Very good, to get him used to things!

katieandduke 01-26-2009 06:03 PM

well see he is 17 and he is bombproof.. but that will keep him thinking.. i swear i cant find anything he is scared of! haha.. i guess that's a good thing! thanks for the help! see duke has jumping training but i need to refresh him.. ill start with ground poles then some x rails then some verticals.. then later i want to do bounces with him! ive done them before and he did great! so i cant wait!

GyPsY GiRL 02-02-2009 11:06 PM

hey katie! the word we use 2 get them 2 change directions is reverse and i just walk a couple strides ahead of her instead of the usual following behind the girth or hind end... then say reverse or just move that way and if he tries 2 pass u then be stern and get in front of him &make him go the opposite direction just so he'll know that's wat ur asking. it'll be a little different at first, even if he has learned it b4 and hasn't done it 4 a while...lucy gets like that if i dont lunge for a while.
the canter depends on the size of the round pen or he could just be trying 2 stay out of the canter like my horse sometimes does, just lazy or maybe a little unbalanced at it..remember, they get frustrated just like we do! lol. what i did to train her was every command you say in a different tone of voice & a dif way (if u want 2 voice train 2) like walk is "waaaallllkkk" drawn out 2 get them 2 slow down, trot is "tur-rot" in a more happy tone.. say his name, then say trot, try trot again n a more stern voice, and then trot w/ whip added, give him a chance b4 u get the whip after him &u'd be suprised how soon they learn the words.. same way with canter, i say it "caaann-TUR" & i usually have 2 use the whip on then i stay with her to keep her going and use clicking sounds and whip if necessary....dont 4get 2 add good boy and praise him! :) to get him 2 walk, say walk and stop where u are so he knows its ok for him to slow down... pretend there is an air bubble between u and ur pushing it at him by followin him 2 make him faster and when u stop the pressure is released and he can slow. if he stops click and say walk, just spend A LOT A LOT of time doing the basics then start adding ground poles, then x's.. it takes a while for them to get used to it and u want him to listen 2 u first b4 he's worried about what he's stepping over or tryin 2 go
srry it's so long but it woulda taken me 4ever 2 tell ya all this tomorrow...haha
just let me kno if u have any ?'s

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