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CheyAut 01-26-2009 01:13 PM

Arabs, Minis, Mini Donks, Trailer...
A good home is an absolute must. You can see more pics/info at Not all are on the sale page though.

Miniature Horses:

Late Attraction by Cochise (Cochises Late Attraction in AMHR), AMHA/AMHR 28" 2004 bay pinto stallion. Had three foals by him last year (didn't breed him for any this year). Ee AA no frame. $2500 obo. Great with people, typical stallion with other horses. I think he'd make a good driving horse even though he's tiny.

C.J. Cameo's Royal Chianti, AMHR/FBR 2005 32.5" black blanket appy with appy roaning stallion. Had a foal due this year but mare aborted. Can NOT be a driving horse (terrified when hooked to the cart). National Top Ten as a weaner. Blue ribbons when I've showed him in Az. Great with people and most other horses, including some stallions. $5000

Mini Magic's Lady Casino, AMHR/FBR 2003 36.5" black pinto, Ee aa no frame but has sabino, splash, and tobiano. Has had one foal, a colt born last year on marestare (yes, the "famous" Casi who didn't want to let go of her baby haha). Loves people. I think would be a good driving horse, has had a little ground driving and did well. $2000 obo and includes free breeding to any of my stallions (except Concho) if you buy her in time, otherwise she will be bred to Chianti

Mini Magic's Sugar Baby, AMHR 2003 36.5" chestnut varnish appy. In foal now and due in a month or two, MIGHT be for sale after foal is born. Foal for sale as well (except I might keep it if it's a leopard filly), so they can go together or you can wait until they're weaned. She is aa so can produce black babies. Contact me if you're interested in her and/or her foal when it's born.

Lot-A-Dot Queen, AMHR 37.5" silver black leopard appy mare. She just went through a horrible dystocia, can NOT be bred anymore. MUST go to a non-breeding home. Could be shown or trained to drive or just a pet. Contact me if you're interested in her. She's doing well presently and will have a blood test done Monday 1/27. $1500, which isn't even close to paying her vet bills.

Goodsells Buckaroo Golden Girl, AMHA 28.5" silver buckskin 2006 mare. LOOOOOOVES people, follows you everywhere ;) Double bred Buckeroo, has an AWESOME trot when she's showing off. If not sold, I am showing her in liberty in March at the Touch of Class Miniature Horse show. $2500 *SALE PENDING*


Impulsive Decision, 1986ish buckskin gelding. He is lame on a front leg, so he is not sound for riding. MAYBE little kids could ride him at a walk, but check with your vet. I rescued him and he's been this way since I did four years ago, I was told (by prev owner, not vet) it's arthritis. Tried to suppliment him but other horses stole it, and I don't have anywhere to keep him by himself. Excellent for farrier, excellent for loading, gets along great with other horses. Free to a good home, I do require references which includes your vet.

Golebica, 1994 14.1h bay polish Arabian granddaughter of El Paso. Great pedigree. Been a broodmare, her last foal was in 2006 (two owners ago). Broke, but barely. I've ridden her a couple times and she never tried to take off, buck, or rear, but she had no clue what I was asking of her other than go and whoa. I have purchased a breeding to a first premie Friesian stallion for her, planned to breed her March, April or May. $1500 until she's bred, then I will need to increase her price due to the price of shipping semen, AI, ect....

Braveheart W, 15.3h 2004 Arabian gelding... I'm not positive I want to sell this gorgeous boy. My husband wants me to... and I know I should because I have other riding horses... so if you are interested, contact me. He was Region 7 Reserve Champion Halter horse. He had 120 days professional training with a WP Arabian trainer (though he's more suited english I think?) and then trail ridden by prev owner, but she said he needs more work before becoming comfortable on trails. He doesn't do well stuck in a stall, he weaves a bit, but fine out with my other horses. He is sweepstakes nominated. $5000.

I had this girl for sale, and Craig said we can't sell her without selling Earl... so I can't guarentee I can let them go... but if you are interested in Karma or BOTH (not Earl alone, I'd rather keep him!) contact me. Both are around 34"
CheyAuts Believe in Karma, 2005 IMDR mini donkey jenny. She was super skittish when we got her, but now she loves attention. She needs more work on leading and is scared wtih the farrier (but he gets her done ok).
CheyAuts Earl E Gift, 2005 IMDR gelding. He likes attention as well, and is usually good for the farrier. He is trained (professionally) to drive!
EDIT: Craig said they can go together... not sure if I can sell just Karma though but if you're interested I can bring it up with him ;) $3000 for both.

Also have a horse trailer for sale. Thuro Bilt Spirit 2H slant load step up BP trailer in good condition. 7' tall and wide. Spare is a regular tire. Tack room with blanket bars and bridle hooks. Padded divider is removable, as is the wall to separate the tack room (although I never tried removing that wall, but their specs say it is). to see specs. Will try to get some photos added to this post this week. I need to check my title to double check the year, but it's around 2002 or 2003, and I bought it new. Selling because I bought a bigger trailer and don't need two $3000 obo.

I'm in Az.

WANTED: Marathon cart for CDEs for 13.2h pony. Could do a trade/partial trade with the horses or trailer above.

CheyAut 01-29-2009 02:47 PM

CheyAut 01-29-2009 02:51 PM

It won't let me edit my original post? :(

Confetti (Lot-A-Dot Queen) is sold and I have a marathon cart now.
I still have not received the deposit on Dazzle (Goodsells Buckaroo Golden Girl) to hold her, but since I had lowered her price until another horse sold, and Confetti did, her price, if the buyer does not come through, goes back to it's original of $3500 because I don't REALLY want to sell her ;)
I checked the title on the trailer, it is a 2002 but I bought it brand new in 2003.

fvfarabians 01-30-2009 12:12 PM

Oh I wish you were closer I would buy that trailer in a heart beat as well as your arabian mare hehe

CheyAut 01-30-2009 10:24 PM

Trailer is currently not for sale. Had an accident with my other one, and unless that gets repaired I will need to keep this one now :( Will repost it if it becomes available again.

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