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Salty_alydaR 01-26-2009 02:15 PM

my dog is soo wierd...haha!
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i looked outside to find her tanning! shes a true californian :lol:

and i note that her eyes were closed and she had the biggest grin on her face!

free_sprtd 01-26-2009 02:17 PM

hahahahahaha oh that is so freakin cute!!! great shots! now all she needs is some sunglasses and a pina collata

Salty_alydaR 01-26-2009 02:21 PM

oh yes, and she needs her boyfriend, Trax, to fan her with a big palm leaf haha!

RusticWildFire 01-26-2009 04:14 PM

hahaha! That's too cute! What a silly dog.

Vidaloco 01-26-2009 04:40 PM

How cute! Out of all my dogs I have only 3 that will lay on their backs like that. Only 2 will sleep that way. The rest are all stomach sleepers:lol:
My German Shepherd only shows her belly when it needs brushed.

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