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Delfina 06-18-2013 12:34 PM

Bull behavior?
It wasn't exactly what I planned on or wanted but due to a really long story and some flaky people, I have ended up with 2 separate "herds" of cattle on my property, each with 3 gals a few assorted calves and a Hereford Bull.

Tiko and his herd arrived Sunday, Hermann has been here on and off the past couple years. Both herds were sharing a fenceline... after a few rounds of head smacking through the fence Hermann decided he'd had enough and was staying away from the shared fenceline. Tiko wouldn't give it up, he decided that if Hermann wouldn't come to him, he'd stick his horns through the welded wire fences and trash them.... so I moved Hermann and his group into another pasture.

The bulls only shared point is now a corner and since there's a 550gal tank on Tiko's side in that corner, he can't get to it and Hermann couldn't give a hoot.... he's off stuffing his face with his gals elsewhere in the pasture. His only concern was when a calf somehow crawled under a fence, was wandering around my yard and both Mom and Baby were going nuts until I opened the gate and chased baby back. Tiko however, his gals are many acres away happily eating and he stands on the other side of the tank like a lovesick moron and Moo's his head off ALL DAY LONG. Once in a blue moon he'll realize that he's got a whole bunch of gals eating elsewhere, he'll run over to them, start stuffing his face and then he'll remember that Hermann is still in the other pasture and come RUNNING back to the corner Moo'ng his **** head off and stand there Mooing for another few hours.... rinse, repeat.

He's no longer trashing my fences but dang.... is he ever going to get over himself and be quiet?!

Saddlebag 06-18-2013 04:00 PM

Every bull thinks the ladies belong to him. You are really messing with his head by having two bulls in close enough quarters that he knows another bull is there.

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