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Wallaby 01-26-2009 08:49 PM

Your favorite training book?
Sorry if this is in the wrong place... =)
I'd really like to get a training book just so I can have more ideas about what I should be doing with Lacy and how I should be teaching her, but I don't just want to buy any old book and hope it's good, yknow?

I'm not really looking to do any specialized training, just trying to calm her down more and help her use her brain more often than once a year.

Thanks! =)

MysterySparrow 01-27-2009 11:18 AM

While it is not technically a training book per say, I recommend Centered Riding, by Sally Swift. It has a lot of exercises that are great for both horse and rider.

Wallaby 01-27-2009 09:05 PM

Thanks! I'll look into it. =)

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