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Kianne 01-26-2009 11:04 PM

Scariest moments
I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's scariest or "oh crap" moments were. :-)

My scariest was when we were out on the trails, and i was riding bareback, and the horse I was riding spooked at a bird and bolted through a bunch of branches and bushes. I was hanging on to his neck and sliding to the right. He stopped after a bit, though. But that was by far my scariest spook.

english_rider144 01-27-2009 12:28 AM

IDK I think it will have to be when I was cantering down the longside of the areana and 2 new girls were carrying pitch forks and scared my horse and he bolted mid canter and I had to hang on for dear life so I didnt fall off of him.

Equuestriaan 01-27-2009 08:13 AM

One time when I was really young, I was riding an old thoroughbred mare on a trail. It was in a lesson, so my instructor was on foot and several other young children on horses and ponies. My mount's name was Allie... she was tall, swayback, and blind in one eye. I only rode her in a halter and leadline. So there were these people with a huge property that they let us trail ride on. We were heading home and walking down their driveway towards the road we would take to get back (the place I rode was just down the street). All of a sudden I felt Allie's muscles bunching up and she lifted her head. The next moment, she bolted for the road. For several moments I froze in the saddle, pulling as hard as I could on the makeshift reins. I could hear my instructor shouting "pull left! pull left!" I was terrified but just as Allie was about to reach the road, I hauled on the left "rein." At last she turned, just before putting her two front hooves in the path of an approaching car. I got her circling in a neighbor's yard, but whe had come so close to running into a busy road!

Equuestriaan 01-27-2009 08:14 AM

OH I have an "oh crap" moment too! lol I was riding Dakota, had just mounted and was adjusting my stirrups and the next thing I know my feet are resting on the ground and he's on his knees. I stepped off just before he rolled with all his tack on!

smrobs 01-27-2009 08:45 AM

I was trying to catch one of our crazy mules. I was riding Denny just after I had started training him. We were running flat out across a pasture trying to get in front of the mule and I felt his gait change just a tad. I looked down just in time to see a 4 foot deep and 3 foot wide gulley go under his belly. If he hadn't seen and jumped it, it probably would have killed us both.

I kinda have 2:oops:

I was riding Denny again and we were trying to catch a wild yearling steer to rope it. I was focused on the steer and we were running uphill. The grass was about as tall as Denny's belly. We were about 50 feet behind the steer running full out when all of a sudden, the steer dissappeared. By the time I realized what was ahead, it was too late to stop or turn. I just held on for dear life and Denny skidded for about 15 feet trying to stop before he hit the edge. He couldn't stop in time so he bunched every muscle and launched himself off the 12 foot cliff that the steer ran off of. He hit the ground running and knocked the air out of me. He wasn't hurt (thank god).

I think maybe he is my guardian angel.

appy rider 4 life 01-27-2009 09:51 AM

We were out on a trail ride and we were going up a hill and it was full of pice trees and i had bumped Tobys side so he went over and we went right into a pine tree branch. it made my helment go back and i let go of my reins to grab my helmnt which was dumb. but i was god please do not him spook. he did not but i did not want to fall ot have toby bolt. so that was enough for me that day.

NicoleS11 01-27-2009 10:12 AM

we were only in the first few months of my gelding cutting training and it was the first time my trainer put me on Buffalo. Buffalo can stop and turn very fast and well he did just that. I was very scared and pulled on the reins a little to hard and he reared up verticle. I fell to the ground(Sparky was 16H and vertical at this point) then he came crashing down ontop of me. The horn of my cutting saddle(which is very big!!) landed in the ground just a few inches next to my chest. If that woudl have hit me it woudl have for sure pierced my chest.


i was riding Sparky again on some trails with two girls that had just got there first horses and barely knew a thing. But all they wanted to do was gallop down the trails and i just finished explaining to them that its a bad idea to do with young horses since Sparky was only about 3 at the time. Well there was a tree at the bottom of the hill that was laying down that Sparky shyed at so i walked him up to it to shop him it wasnt that scary.... next thing i knew the two girls were galloping up the hill on there horses and Sparky wanted to go with them so he bolted! he was bucking and kicking the whole way up the hill and i got the horse once again of my cutting saddle in the chest and then i blacked out. i woke up on the ground and Sparky was standing over me kinda like "im sorry mum.." That was a bad one...then the same day just a few hours later we were walking through some long grass and he was eating as much as i would let him before i would catch him eating...well he started gaging almost like the grass was stuck. I jumped off and ripped the bit out of his mouth...he spit out a huge chunch of grass....ya i was a little shook up after that day..

1dog3cats17rodents 01-27-2009 07:40 PM

I was cantering in the indoor when suddenly I heard a huge rumbling. The entire roof of 8 inch deep snow was sliding off at once! Painter bolted and I just steered for my life around standards and jumps. At one point I was playing chicken with a 41" pony, but fortunately it reared and spun off the other way. Finally he stopped and everyone came running from the barn thinking the roof had caved in, it was that loud! Someone had to hold Painter for me to get off, poor horse was a stressed out.

The good news? Even bolting in panick he did perfect smooth flying lead changes :-)

RubaiyateBandit 01-27-2009 09:36 PM

I'd say the worst was when I was a kid. My grandpa had some old draft horses that he had from when the farm was run on horse-power, and one of them (I can't even remember her name, I was so young) that you could ride bareback and direct with voice commands and tugs on her mane.
My grandpa was showing her off to a prospective buyer one day; he had her in harness and hitched to a log out in the pasture and was having her pull it about. While they talked, grandpa let me play with her and I was riding her around with her harness when she spooked at something and I fell off the back of her and got run over by the log!
I wasn't hurt badly, thankfully; but I never got to ride her again (I was given my grandma's older mare, Frosty, instead.)

Kim 01-28-2009 01:03 AM

The time my friend and I were crossing a big country highway. My friend crossed first and was halfway over but as I was about to step out onto the road i heard a truck coming , I called out to her to come back, but then her horse realised mine wasnt coming and start muckin about in the middle of the road, she was trying to get it to the far side but the horse wanted to come back, meanwhile this truck was coming, so i made a quick decision and had to quickly canter my horse across before the car got to us so her horse would move!!! scary....

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