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EmeraldPony 06-18-2013 08:05 PM

*Vent/Question* Falling off
I just had to get this off my back.

I went on a trail ride with my mom today, and I was riding my horse bareback. I've ridden him bareback on the trail many times and he's perfectly behaved.

My mom had just finished trotting her horse over a couple of logs (they are about 24ft apart and 1 foot tall), and was a little ways of so that I was clear to canter my horse over them. I squeezed him a bit too hard, and he jumped into the canter. I realized that I was going too fast to get over the log, so I circled him down. The dirt trail is right next to the logs, so He kinda did a hop as he went up the tiny hill to get back on the trail, so I lost my seat and slid off the side of him. :P (I had also jumped the same two logs at the beginning of the ride with no issues)
I landed of my bottom without even a bruise, so I got up just as my horse headed for home. I caught him again and jumped back on, and he was as well behaved and calm as ever.
But, my mom has now decided that it is a cardinal sin to jump bareback. :( I never jump any higher that 18 inches, and I only trot and canter over jumps.
I'm not allowed to ride him bareback anymore, and I usually school my horse bareback every day.

How can I convince my mom to let me ride bareback again?
Thanks! :)

lovexlaugh 06-18-2013 08:22 PM

You can fall off your horse at any time, with a saddle or bareback. If your mum rides, she will probably know this already.

Maybe take the approach of safety. If you're going to fall off, its actually safer to do it bareback, with no stirrups or anything, you just slip off :P As long as you're wearing a helmet, of course. Talk to her about how bareback improves your balance, and by practicing bareback, you will be more secure on your horse.

NorthernMama 06-18-2013 09:09 PM

Riding bareback within your skill level and with a helmet is a great way to improve your balance, seat and communication. Whether you fall off with a saddle or bareback, the ground is the same, but your ability to sit unpredicted moments will improve with more bareback riding.

The key is to ride within your level, just try to keep learning and improving. I always thought, and still do feel, that people should learn how to ride bareback before they get to use a saddle and "be lazy." LOL

My kids rode bareback first. One ended up not liking the sport and one is unable to ride often, but still gets out from time to time, though now with a saddle.

EmeraldPony 06-18-2013 09:24 PM

Thank you!
I always ride with a helmet, and I fall off every once in a while, even when I'm using a saddle. I tried talking to her but she keeps saying that it's too dangerous and that I should just be grateful that I have a horse. I even went on youtube and showed her several videos of people jumping bareback, but she won't budge.

picup436 06-18-2013 11:43 PM

She's your mum, you gave her a fright so now she's gone into mumma-bear overprotective mode!

Don't hound her so much and give her some time to calm down, then approach the bareback situation again once the memory of your fall isn't so fresh in her mind. That's what always worked for me anyway :)

It doesn't matter if you didn't hurt yourself, she loves you and just the possibility of you getting hurt probably terrifies her!

EmeraldPony 06-19-2013 12:05 AM

Thank you! :) I will do that.

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