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hunterjumperrider1 06-18-2013 10:38 PM

HELP me find a saddle! Imput needed!
Hi! I'm in search of a new c/c saddle. I know about the Crosby/Pessoas (don't like Stubbens/Toulouses) of the world but I'm looking for something "one step up" so to speak. I'm not sure exactly what brands to be looking at though... Prestige comes to mind but that's all I got. I am looking to spend up to maybe $1500. I DO NOT want a new saddle. I ride in jeans so no calfskin -Butet/Antares etc (out of my budget anyway). I need a slightly deeper seat because although I do Hunters/Jumpers/Eq I also occasionally bum around a xc course. I like the look of the Bates' Caprilli but I'm reluctant because of the smooth leather and air panels. I'd like something with knee blocks too. Anyone have suggestions????

And if anyone happens to have something available, I'm looking for a 17.5-18" with a med tree.

Thank you!!!

saddleonline2 06-21-2013 05:54 PM

Any luck?
Hi there.
Hope you've found what you're looking for. Unfortunately nothing specific immediately comes to mind. I'm sure you've already done this but I'd try talking to the people you ride with first. Even the grooms at your barn may have some suggestions. If worst comes to worst you can always scour the 'net.
Good luck!

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