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CRK 06-18-2013 10:17 PM

Horses have bad days too
Just wanted to write a post on this topic because I am seeing so many other riders getting really frustrated.
I often get questions from my students or see posts here on the forum asking “why does my horse do this or that?” Don’t get me wrong, it is great to ask the question and usually there is a pretty simple reason we can figure out. However, horses are living beings with feelings and emotions. They have good and bad days just like us sometimes. There are times where we are better served to stop stressing about why our horses do what they do, accept it for what it is, and just move on to changing the behavior, whatever that may mean.
For example, let’s say your horse gets really revved up at shows. Instead of analyzing exactly why it happens, just accept it, and do whatever you need to to make it better – go to more shows and just hang out, work on your own relaxation at the show, do some groundwork exercises when you get there, etc.
So take this for what it is worth, but the next time you have a bad ride or your horse acts up, don’t stress about why it happened, just let it go and focus your energy on making it better.
What are your thoughts on this? Does anyone agree or disagree with this approach?

JustaSkippenJess 06-18-2013 10:25 PM

I am going to have to say I agree and disagree to an extent, respectfully of course. I do agree that it isn't always the best thing to really over analyze WHY the horse acts a certain way, but when you run into continually getting a less than ideal reaction it would be a time I would want to try and figure out why the horse is acting the way they are.

Shows/competitions may not always be the best places to do "training" and I believe horses should have the proper training and preparation for being put into a show/competition situation. My barrel and rope horses are all very different horses and some are just fine at competitions and others will have their "days" I 100% agree that if you are having issues at show/competitions it is a GREAT idea to just haul and not show/compete and let the horse just be there and relax and "take it all in"

All in all there are pros and cons in my opinion, but all horses and riders/trainers are different and ultimately weed out what doesn't work for them and hopefully find solutions that are best for themselves and the horse(s).

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