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Lila 06-07-2007 08:49 AM

saga continues for bucking/rearing paint...
well just shows i really need all the info before making a decision...and I'm so glad i didn't "run the feet off him", rope one leg and flip him over, etc. Turns out he has a)really sore hocks which i had noticed until he flexed really sore on them yesterday, b) a very sore back, unsure of why, not ridden enough to be saddle but vet thinks he is compensating for sore feet, and c) likely navicular in front left leg. His teeth needed to be floated but were not especially bad, apparenty not bad enough to be really uncomfortable but who knows?

So the vet says that yes, he is in pain which is likely why he did what he did. always good to check if something physical. Light exercise could help his arthritic hocks but would hurt his back. The back could be helped with flexerol muscle relaxer and maybe steroids would help the hocks, but neither would help his navicular foot which is already in wedge, no career as a trail/roping/show/jumping/kids horse...and wow, he has had shots/vaccinations since i got him but yesterday he was rearing with the vet, have not seen him do that before, even with the stud chain

so, not sure what i will do with him. i could do all the above but i still need a working horse! one person suggested a place in utah where they keep animals for their whole life but i hate to part with him, as i would worry about anything bad happening to him. he could just be turned out on a friends pasture with his other ranch horses and just see how he does, as i dont' really have room for three here. he is such a pet, he follows me around his paddock, puts his head on my thinking maybe i'll just turn himi on teh pasture for a year or so, then see how he goes... (but get someone else to jump on him!)

anyway,am glad i found out most of his issues are physical, he clearly has some behavior problems as well but it seems like he could have been really uncomrortable (and still is)

kitten_Val 06-07-2007 10:10 AM

I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully, he'll get better with time!

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