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EllyMaysLady 06-19-2013 01:06 PM

Equine related apprenticeship/ internships?
Hey! So I'm just gonna try and get straight to the point. I've always wanted a job in the horse industry, I don't really care what, and I know in that experience is much more highly valued with horses then raw education. That being the case I've been really looking into different places I could intern or shadow someone to learn more about the different jobs in this industry. Anything from ranch hand to sales, as long as it involves horses and not a lot of math, I'm interested. My ideal job would be to work on the more chiropractic end or something health or rehab related but I want to explore all my options before I jump into things. I love art and creativity, I like to work with my hands, I was just looking for some brainstorming on ideas of different places I should look into to intern. Where have you interned? I'm in Virginia so anything specific to here would be great but any and all ideas are greatly appreciated! Company names? Organizations? Student opportunities? I'm all ears :)

Nokotaheaven 06-19-2013 10:14 PM

Hmm. The best I can say is that some college programs, once you've done 1-2 terms, will help you find student positions on a farm. My friend did that and is now working for about 7 months helping out at Tay Valley farm. That place isn't just any old farm either, it's $1,000 boarding fee, and they house top class warmbloods. Ian Miller also stops in now and then too apparently

Braeside 06-20-2013 12:14 PM

Are you 16-19 and looking to work with horses?

Braeside Equestrian Centre is looking for young people to join its City and Guilds diploma at its new Benfleet livery yard

Call Damien on 07796 447333 or email for more details

EquineObsessed 06-20-2013 01:07 PM

If you go on they have loads of working student/internship positions. That's how I found my new job!

EllyMaysLady 06-30-2013 08:37 PM

Thanks y'all!

albertaeventer 07-05-2013 04:32 PM

Something you could do is track down some professionals in your area and either phone or email explaining that you are interested in learning more about what they do, because you are investigating possible career paths for your future and want to learn as much as you can. Keep it short and sweet, just introduce yourself and ask if they have some spare time to answer some questions and be polite and grateful for their time if they are willing, and thank them and wish them well if they are not. Not everyone will be able or willing to, of course, but a lot of people are extremely helpful if you show genuine interest, and then you can ask them some questions and go from there, some will even let you job shadow for a day or two to see what it's like. Chiros, massage therapists, bowen therapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, there's all sorts of different directions you could go. Ask how they got started, where they learned, if they went to school, etc. Word of mouth is great as well, talk to everyone you can, farrier, vet, people who work at the tack store, feed store, the hay guy, etc. There's so many different directions you can take the horse thing:)

EllyMaysLady 07-05-2013 04:52 PM

Thank you so much thats REALLY helpful! :)
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albertaeventer 07-05-2013 05:07 PM

No problem, good luck in your search:-)

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