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sugar13 06-19-2013 01:33 PM

What to feed my mare after foaling?
My mare foaled a beautiful filly about two weeks ago. I currently have her on 3 feedings a day of grass/alfalfa and with 3 scoops of senior grain with about 2 coffee cups of beet pulp for fiber and moisture in her intestines. We had a mild bout of sand colic a few days ago. She is still pretty chubby. Baby seems healthly though, thank goodness! I am just wondering am I feeding her too much? Not enough? The right stuff? She cant eat the mare and foal feed we have around here, she breaks out with hives. Also good hay is real short right now. We currently have some that is more alfalfa and some that is grass and I have been mixing those together for her. But almost out of the grass. Can she just have the one with more alfalfa? Does anyone have ideas?

When I got her the end of March 2013, she came from a place that had recused her and I was told that she about to foal in 3 weeks or so. Thankfully she waitied a long to have it to build up immune system, wieght and nutrition. She was under weight and very skiddish. I was told that she was trained to be a cutting horse and didnt make the cut was given to someone else to find her a home or can her. These people didnt do anything with her or the other 14 head of horses that was resued along with her. We actually now have to mares from this group. The other mare is sweet heart also. They HATE the SITE of spurs. We don't use them, so thats good.

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