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ShowJumpLife 01-27-2009 09:29 PM

Horse bite, Advice
okay so about 3 weeks ago I got bitten by a little mare at PC.
When it happened i was wearing thickk woolen gloves and a jumper so thankfully I didn't get any cuts or anything, she bit really hard on my wrist and didn't let go for about 10 seaconds.

Straight away if hurt like woooahh. so i went and put ice on it for about 10mins and then had to Finnish my duties so went and did that, While I was moving the fence for the fat hacks my hand started going numb and where I got bitten started tingling. I had to finish my duties so did that and then went to the car and my hand had gone purple.

I went home and kept my arm elevated, and iced it for 20mins on 20mins off for a couple off hours. then after 48 hours started icing for 20mins then heat pack for 20mins. that seemed to help the bruising and the swelling and got back to looking normal after about a week.

It's still very sore and feels funny when I touch it, its got weird lumpy feeling to it and the knobbly bit on my wrist is quite large and clicks if i put pressure on it.

Just this morning I got up and my hand was tingling.. i hadn't slept on it as i can only sleep on one side due to my back. I left it for a while and the tingly feeling kind of went away but now my whole wrist has swollen up to like 2 / 3 times its normal size and i don't know why, havent done any thing to hurt it that I know of so I dont know why its doing this.

Any advice/Tips.
What should I do?? helppp!

Sorry for the Novel lol hahah.

JustDressageIt 01-27-2009 11:35 PM

You have 8 little bones in your wrist, they're easy to break. I'd go to my doctor if I were you.

PiggyPablo 01-28-2009 01:10 AM

Go to the doctor. This sounds serious. Could she have bitten a tendon? Do you have trouble moving it? You should have it X-rayed and CT scanned.

ShowJumpLife 01-28-2009 11:18 PM

Do you really think its that bad?
Mum said its just the internal bruising coming out or something??

Lori1983 01-28-2009 11:22 PM

ShowJump, I once fell off a bale of hay and landed on my wrist. It hurt pretty bad at the time, but an hour or so later, it felt fine...but then it would hurt again. I finally went to the doctor, and it turns out my wrist was broken, and I almost had to have surgery because I waited so long. Yours might not be broken, but it sounds like it could be...also, numbness can be a sign of a break. Hope your wrist gets to feeling better!

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