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ICUWest7 06-21-2013 01:17 PM

Lunging problems
My horse leans in on her inside when i lunge her and drops her front shoulder really badly, both directions and kind of just tips her whole body to the inside. Also she cuts off a part of the circle, like the line is taught for 80% of it, and then just cuts off a part...i've never seen a horse do that, and i've taught a few others to lunge, but they normally pull on the line and try and get out of the circle instead when they're learning how to lunge properly.

GamingGrrl 06-21-2013 01:38 PM

How big of a circle are you lunging on?
Is she stiff or lame at all? I always make sure to rule out pain issues first.
When she tries to cut in, point your lunge whip at her shoulder. If she still tries to keep coming in, flick it at her shoulder. She'll probably leap out and away, but whenever I have a "corner cutter" I've used this method and they've learned quickly from it.
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tinyliny 06-21-2013 02:04 PM

Does your horse also lean in and cut corners when you ride in the arena? They can cut corners and lean because they are very stiff and have trouble balancing on a small arc, or they just want to get the whole thing over with as fast as possible, so are making the circles small, and "pushing" on you, the human in the middle.

If the horse is stiff, then doing work very slowly, such as in this video


can help. This sort of work is a lot harder than it looks, but the object is the horse following the line, and bending through the body, stepping under with the inside leg and keeping the inside shoulder up.

if the horse is capable of keeping his shoulder up and is just cutting in on you to push on you, use the whip , like Gaming girl said, toward his shoulder. But, start right before he begins to lean in, not after he is leaning. you think of it as "helping" him stay out there on the circle and standing up. So, put some pressure on as he approaches the place on the circle where there are problems. get MORE forward energy to help him scoot through that area, and ease off a tiny bet where he respects the circle.


ICUWest7 06-21-2013 04:14 PM

My circles probably only like twenty or fifteen feet tops, because i had to pull plants to make it from the overgrown arena. She is pretty stiff but i'm working on physically stretching her legs when I pick her hooves and have her step under herself a lot, which she has trouble doing. she's not lame though i know that, stiff probably yeah, since I just got her back into work after having two weeks off from injury, but she's always done the leaning and the corner cutting even when i had her in better shape, so it's not new.

She generally respects the circle, except for just one spot, her friends are also in the pasture right over the fence so she wants to get it over with and go play with them instead i think.

I know she's got issues balancing because she's under muscled and has trouble balancing herself, especially with a rider on her back as she hasn't been ridden consistently from when she was off the track to when I bought her. So we took a break from riding, since she's not confident yet under saddle at anything other than a walk, as she was pushed really quickly by her last owner, and i'm working on ground work again. I've hopped on bareback though and done hill work to strengthen her hind end though every few days.

Wow interesting video, i'll have to try that tomorrow! Thank you both!

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