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Shoebox 06-21-2013 04:40 PM

Small crack in hoof - can it wait for the farrier?
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So, the farrier was just out for my pony. She was atrocious for many reasons, but until I can get that under control I don't want to call him out again. I messaged Loosie to see what she'd say, but she hasn't gotten back to me, so I figured I'd make a post to ask the general consensus.

A few days ago I noticed a crack in her front right hoof. Her hooves are REALLY dry right now (even though the whole front pasture is mud), which I think contributes to the problem. When the farrier came out, he did the best he could with what he had to work with - an angry, moving, didn't-want-her-feet done horse. They were left a teensy bit flared, as he said it'd take a few trims to get them really good looking again. Okay, dandy, they're much better than they were!

But then the crack came. From the front, it looks like it's just because her hoof was still a bit flared, and the pressure of walking cracked it along a dry spot. But the underside of her hoof looks differently... The crack itself looks like it's superficial, a bit of the hoof wall cracked away and up along a dry line, but there's a groove in her hoof too that wasn't there when the farrier was here, so maybe she stepped on something that did it?

I attached some (awful) pictures. I didn't have a hoof pick with me, and she was moving a lot, so I did with what I could. I took a few of the ones where dirt obscures the underside and added some edited lines showing where it is. I filed away the lower edge of the crack, just so it wouldn't touch the ground and crack more (that's why you can't see it in just the groove picture) but the pic of the whole hoof is how it is right now.

Do you think it can wait for the farrier to come out? Also, what can I do to make her feet less dry? She's standing in mud a lot, if she's in the front pasture, but obviously that's not enough. I'm sorry the pics are bad - I'll try to grab my hoof brush when I go out again, but that may be two days out yet.

Kayella 06-21-2013 05:04 PM

The groove is running along the hoof wall and not into the hoof wall, correct? It sounds kinda like white line separation. It probably was there before she was trimmed, but just obscured by packed in dirt. You did good rasping the crack away from the ground to prevent further cracking. It's definitely due to the flaring. Does he bevel his trim or leave it flat? Leaving a barefoot flat edged is asking for cracks. Right now, I'd try to prevent it from getting worse and prevent infection. You can rinse it really well and liberally spray some ACV on it. It's a good, natural bacteria killer. Trust me, it STUNG the cuts on my hand when I sprayed Henny's feet with it yesterday.
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Shoebox 06-21-2013 05:11 PM

No, the groove runs perpendicular to the hoof wall- it starts where the crack is and runs almost at a 99 degree angle, and it's only about a cm. Long. I'll try to clean it better next time I'm out. I think he does bevel, but like I said Clem was not being accomodating in the least. They're not flat, but the bevel could be more, I think.

The groove may be nothing, as it doesn't seem to cut into her or be cracking. Just a long dent- I just thought to ask about it because it's near the crack.

Kayella 06-21-2013 05:23 PM

Oh okay, I see it now. Must be going blind :wink: I'd say it's part of the crack, at least that's what it looks like in the pics. It may be a little harder to prevent from cracking more since its pretty deep. I would still worry about it being open to infection and bacteria especially since part of the pasture is muddy.
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spirit88 06-21-2013 06:23 PM

That crack is from long toes that weren't beveled. Looks like some way over do trim or poor farrier work......
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Shoebox 06-21-2013 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by spirit88 (Post 2859914)
That crack is from long toes that weren't beveled. Looks like some way over do trim or poor farrier work......
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It's a little bit of both, more the former than the latter. I should have ahd her trimmed a few weeks before she was, but a few things prevented me - one of them being her unmanageable behavior, one of them being I could NOT get a farrier who could come out soon. I ended up finding a totally new farrier who could come within the week. I am willing to give him a few more chances, because this last time was not a great one to represent the skills he has, as he was fighting Clem the whole time. Her feet were definitely in need of a trim and had flared out, and it'll take another trim or two to correct.

I am going to shoot him an email with these pictures to see what he thinks. I'd like to wait a few weeks until Clem is calmer with someone else messing with her feet (I had a trainer out for a day, and it made a HUGE difference with her herdboundedness. I've been seeing steady improvement, so hopefully soon. She lets ME mess with her feet all I want, but does not like them being trimmed.)

To iterate my last question again - do you guys think it could wait a few weeks, if I kept it clean and checked on it when I came out? If it can't, I'm sure we could think of a way to get it done - but I'd like to be able to wait and not have to sedate/twitch/whatever her. She's not technically due till mid July again. Since it seems to be agreed so far that it's a crack from hoof flare I'm not SUPER worried, but many of you would know much better than me ;)

Thoughts? Also, what do you all think of RainMaker?

Trinity3205 06-21-2013 06:48 PM

Not much. Good timely trimming, a good diet and a good environment make for healthy feet. Hoof Dressings: What Studies Show |

As for the crack, it does appear to be the possible beginnings of some white line. Id have the farrier clean it out when he comes again. Not an emergency but id have her trimmed/touched up again sooner rather than later.

Shoebox 06-21-2013 07:07 PM

Okay, I've just shot the farrier an email, with the pictures attached, to ask what he thought, and if he thinks he should come out. If it's the beginning of white line I really don't want to mess with it - I haven't had any experience with it but in my hoof health book, the pictures of advanced white line are terrifying. :p

I know RainMaker wouldn't make the hoof healthier or fix anything, I was thinking strictly for moisture - I'm worried about how dry her feet are, and was thinking until they're good and healthy again it could help. I can't read that article ^^ as I'm not a member, but if you all don't think it'd make a difference I won't bother (it's pretty expensive).

I'll let you all know what my farrier says, too, when he replies.

toto 06-21-2013 07:34 PM

Why couldnt the farrier nip off all the flare though?

i wouldnt have nipped it like that- the crack needs to be relieved the way its clipped looks like its puttin more pressure on the crack makin it open more than it should.

Shoebox 06-21-2013 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by toto (Post 2860458)
Why couldnt the farrier nip off all the flare though?

i wouldnt have nipped it like that- the crack needs to be relieved the way its clipped looks like its puttin more pressure on the crack makin it open more than it should.

Because they were VERY flared, and Clem was on the verge of throwing a full blown fit. It seems that, no matter how often I get them done, there's a bit of flare to them, but this time there was two times in a row I waited longer than I should have to get them done. It's my own fault, and I take full responsibility for that. My winter situation was not ideal, and I thought to wait till I moved her to the summer barn to get her trimmed. I didn't plan on her being so herd sour, and I should have just done it sooner.

I've rasped the bottom of the crack so it's no longer touching the ground when she walks. I'm hoping it's relieved the pressure so it won't open any more.

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