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Katie1621 06-22-2013 04:00 PM

Saddle problems that wont go away!
Hello! My name is Katie and my horse, Frankie, and I have been having some saddle fitting problems the last year or so.

When I first got her about 4 years ago I had been riding her in a rail western saddle it worked really well and her behavior was fine. She is a mare with a very strong mind and shes always pinning her ears at me when we lope but I never thought much of it and she still does it to this day. Anyway, last spring a friend of mine noticed my saddle was sitting very low on her withers and rubbing the top of her back. The saddle is pretty old so I figured the tree was broken so i threw it on the saddle rack and haven't touched it since. I rode her in my Abetta endurance saddle witch has semi-qh bars. by fall she had white spots behind her withers. I then started hunting for a new saddle. I tried a friends saddle with FQH bars and it seemed to fit on her a whole lot better so i bought a barrel saddle with FQHB's. she seemed happy and so was I, but pretty soon the white hairs came back along with fist size dry spots. I game and also was on a drill team this last spring so i borrowed another friends extra Bob Marshall treeless and thats our ticket. but waiting for one to surface is hard and has been taking months. this coming weekend I have to go to a 4 day clinic that involves a lot of riding and unless i can mooch off one of my other friends and grab a treeless i'm stuck with riding my poor girl in an ill-fitting barrel saddle. I took her out this morning and rode to access how she was acting and she was not very happy. when i got her into a long trot and lope her stride was short and choppy, her head up in the sky (im guessing to get the pressure off her withers a little) , and her ears were just menacingly flat against her head. I feel so bad for her but I'm committed to this clinic and was wondering if any of you had some suggestions to make my saddle fit a little better for the time being. I'm open to anything!!!! thank you!

Katie and Frankie


I forgot to mention. My English saddle also is giving her dry spots and it fit her great last summer.

SouthernTrails 06-22-2013 04:30 PM


My 1st question is always, what Breed and what is her height in Hands?

2nd, do you have a Pic you can post showing her topline, a nice closeup showing from the withers to the haunches.

What type of saddle pad have you been using with the western saddle, thickness, material?


Katie1621 06-22-2013 05:05 PM

She is a 10 year old Quarter Horse standing around 15ish hands. I have been riding her in an old compact wool pad also i've tried a thinner wool pad with a reinsman thick pad (not exactly sure what it's made of) but have also tried combinations of these with Navajo pads. I've also tried impact gel and multiple classic equine fancy saddle pads with no improvement

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