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eclecticstar 01-31-2009 01:53 AM

Success at last!!!
I GOT CINDER TO CANTER!!! I am so excited. Not only did she canter but she cantered on the lunge line both with and without saddle/bridle. This has been the biggest hurdle for her and me.

See, now, I truly believe animals can tell what we are saying to them and this is why: As you know, I have been trying my hardest to loose weight for the longest time and not until recently have I had much success. This has been my biggest hurdle and for Cinder it has been cantering on lunge line... or at all. My goal this month is to loose three more pounds by the end of the month. This means that I will have lost and even twenty pounds in six months. I'm really excited about this. I of coarse talk to Cinder about this every day (as I do with everyone I speak with in person on a regular basis-I'm sure they are all tired of it) and I told Cinder that if I lose the three more pounds by the end of the month, then she has to learn how to canter by the end of the month. I told Cinder that not only am I loosing weight for myself, my feet, and for my health, I am loosing weight for her so that I am not as heavy when I ride her and I would really appreciate it if she learned to canter on line for me. Both are equally challenging for us in different ways. Up until today, she wasn't quite as motivated to do so. Well, this morning I went down one more belt notch! Meaning, I lost another complete inch on my waste this month!!! I'm so happy. So incredibly, freakin' happy!!! Today, after I got off work, I went out to lunge Cinder as usual and while I had her on cross ties I told her the good news about me keeping my end of the bargain. Well, today, Miss Cinder cantered on line for me and was motivated to do so not only once, but twice! Without saddle, then with saddle, bit, and reigns. What a smart horse! Then, I got on and rode her at a walk around the arena. Then, she let me crawl under her without AND with saddle/gear on. She is doing phenomenal at her desensitizing, too. I was able to put my helmet on her head multiple times. She is now letting me pick up all four feet no matter the circumstance and letting me pull, tug, and shake her legs/hooves. I could go on and on about all the progress but basically she is doing so well. Cinder is so smart.

They really do understand.

free_sprtd 01-31-2009 02:21 AM

awww that's so great!! sounds like you guys are the perfect partners for each other. Congrats on the weight loss! That's so awesome and super hard to do. Cantering is a tough one for them, glad she was able to get motivated!

Kim 01-31-2009 04:50 AM

Great work!! So proud of both you!!! It is the BEST feeling when you achieve what you have been working towards for a long time!! Good luck for the future and keep up the awesome work!

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