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Kim 01-31-2009 04:42 AM

How big will it grow??
My quarterhorse x arab mare is 14.2 hands and she's in foal to a quarterhorse stallion. I don't know his exact height, He'd be around 15 hh.

Do you think the foal will be small like it's dam, or a bit bigger ?? What are the chances it will be smaller than 14.2hh???

Would love some opinions!

Eolith 01-31-2009 08:14 AM

I really don't have any idea how genetics like this work out. I think it's all a matter of chance, really. It seems to me that the foal shouldn't be much shorter than its dam if any. At the very least, he might be an inch or two less that his dam. At the most, maybe an inch or two taller than his sire. Or, I could be completely wrong and he'll grow to be 17.1 hh... but I sort of doubt it.

morganshow11 01-31-2009 08:18 AM

QH's are not a ''big'' horse, they stand somehwere between 14.4- 15.3 mainly. so i would say around 15hh or so:)

iridehorses 01-31-2009 08:24 AM

Kim, I would look back at the linage of both parents. It may be more difficult in your case since your mare is mixed and you don't mention anything about the stud - whether he is registered etc.

We need a lot more information. You need to tell us about 3 generations on both sides and what the stud has produced in the past to get a good guess on overall height of the foal.

county 01-31-2009 09:14 AM

14.4 and 15 hands are the same thing.

Alot will depend not only on genetics but proper diet as to how tall it will get. Odds are good its not going to be alot different from the sire and dam by 5 years of age but I've seen cases where without proper diet they never get close to their potential height. And I've had a few that because of past generations as iridehorses mentioned can get much larger. I had a stud thats dam was 14.3 and sire 14.2 as a 3 year old he was 14.3 when he was 5 he was up to 15.2. But he had granget that were over 15 hands.

Eolith 01-31-2009 09:31 AM

As county pointed out, there's no such thing as 14.4 hh... that would be 15.0 hh. There's only four units to a hand. ^_^

morganshow11 01-31-2009 10:23 AM


onetoomany 01-31-2009 01:14 PM

Kim- I agree with what others have said, that to say something more concrete we need more information.

Morganshow11- .... what?

morganshow11 01-31-2009 02:59 PM

what what???? lol

zanyoutthere 01-31-2009 07:33 PM

arab mares ussually stand around 14.2hh, QH's stand about 15hh like you said. the foal ussually turns more out like its sire b/c of his genes, so i would say around 15.1hh

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