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NelBell 06-23-2013 10:01 AM

Dressage Bits?
So my horse has a very strong neck and she can get very heavy. No matter how light I am on her mouth, it feels like a fight. So I'm thinking of bitting her up a little bit. Right now she's in a full cheek snaffle with a french link for dressage. I'm thinking of something that will give me a little bit more leverage, but isn't going to rip her mouth out. Any suggestions? They must be legal for dressage since we do eventing. And I was wondering about a Baucher bit?

Sunny 06-23-2013 01:42 PM

I understand you are new to the forum.

For future threads, it is not necessary to post the same topic over and over again in multiple areas of the board.

Many members, myself included, browse the forum using the "New Post" feature, which shows all recent posts no matter the board. So, someone will see your post.

If you don't get any responses for a couple days, then post it again. :-)

You may see my response on another of your threads.

pink333 01-12-2014 05:03 PM

if your horse isn't responding to the bit atm, bitting her up may help, as long as you are careful and don't get hard on her mouth. a baucher counds like a good idea, it's not a hard bit and it was effective for me when i needed that little extra strength on my horse.
If your horse is tense and won't give, another bit to consider would be a Happy Mouth. They have soft rubber, are fine for dressage (where I do it anyways) and they really help to soften the jaw.
Choose a bit, and perhaps try it with a lozenge in the middle. This makes it softer and also gives the mouth something to think about and ensures no pinching of the tongue.

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