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Friesian Mirror 06-09-2007 11:02 PM

Afraid of cars.
Rose is absolutly terrified of cars, if we even drive down our driveway she spooks. I can get her next to them if they aren't running, but she's still a little nervous. Does anyone have any idea's on what I can do to get her used to them??

Dave Singleton 06-10-2007 08:34 AM

Has she had a bad experience with them in the past?

It seems that most horses are either afraid because of a bad experience or they just do not like the sound of the motor - we have similar probs with some of the horses when it comes to the tractor although it isn't usually a major spook but more of a tensing.

As far as treating it goes, if it is simply not liking the sound then it is important for her to get used to the car itself as you have already done. Then you may want to see how she is with other motor types - maybe you could fire up a lawnmower near to her and get her used to it over a period of time until the doesn't really take any notice anymore. You may then want to move up to something more scary such as a hedgecutter or chainsaw (being careful of course) as this is more car-ish in sound. After, possibly a motorbike although many horses for some reason are more scared of motorbikes than cars. I haven't yet really found out why.
It is also possible that it is the movement that she doesn't like in which case you want to get her used to moving objects - a big, scary beachball maybe useful for this although be very careful as close contact is required for this technique as you want her to be safe with it up to as close a distance as possible.

Friesian Mirror 06-10-2007 01:03 PM

Thank you! I'll give that shot and see how it goes. :D

I don't know if she had a bad experience, though I shouldn't think so, she's only a year old. (Which also has something to do with being afraid of them) Her breeder's didn't handle her at all, then someone bought her and her mom but had too many horses and couldn't take care of them and sent then back to her breeder. Then I bought her, so there was some hauling involved. When we drive down the driveway (it's about 1/4 of a mile) she runs away, so I think it's the noise and movement like you said.

Dave Singleton 06-10-2007 03:23 PM

Hmm yes I would agree then that it is porbably just a case of bieng unsure and afraid. I would proceed very cautiously though - is she in a field with some horses that aren't bothered?

Friesian Mirror 06-10-2007 04:40 PM

Yeah, usually standing right next to them, and they are usually standing pretty close the fence.

Dave Singleton 06-10-2007 08:20 PM

:lol: Clearly she isn't one to trust another horse's judgement! It maybe an idea though to keep some hopeful calming influences about so that everything seems more normal for her. You can hope anyway!

Friesian Mirror 06-10-2007 10:49 PM

Lol, Chamomile tea maybe?? :lol:

Dave Singleton 06-11-2007 05:08 AM

:lol: That gave me a great mental image of a horse sitting with her legs crossed next to a fireplace sipping tea and discussing the recent quality of the grass...

meggymoo 06-11-2007 10:14 AM

Hi FM,

I have a similar problem. My new mare is terrified of Lorries/wagons. She'll load into one fine, but if I'm out on a hack and one passes, she automatically spooks, but instead of shooting away from it, she tends to turn her backside into it.
:shock: Can be quite scary!

kristy 06-11-2007 10:54 AM

Meggymoo moo =) - What type of position do you have when your mare spooks? (As in, what happens with your seat, legs and hands?)

Raech - 2 questions: How does little one act at feed time? Is there lack of respect? Secondly, did you ever get the lunging issue worked out that we talked about?

It ties in (in my opinion), I promise!

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