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Cruiser 06-23-2013 12:47 PM

Easy Keeper?
Long story really. I got my mare she was under weight, around 750-775 pounds, it took a long time to get the weight on, she looked good at about another 125 pounds on.

I figured since she was so hard to get the weight on, she would always be tricky, apparently not because I noticed a slight belly (okay she looks pregnant when she walks towards you, belly swaying). I taped her and she's nearly at 1000 pounds!! And its all in her belly, no worms she's completely clean, and healthy.

So I need to get off at least 100 pounds, but everyone is like you can see her ribs she's underweight! No you can see "ribs" but you can't feel anything without digging your fingers in.

How do you feed a easy keeper? What should I go for in feeds? She only gets timothy hay and the minamum recommended amount of a 12% feed. If you want to see the feeds I can get look on Nova Scotia Co-op Feeds. I can get other brands but they are two or three times more expensive and I'm already paying $40 a bag.

Any ideas are welcome, and yes she coming back into work now but it's only light work, mostly walk trail riders for a hour with a little jog. No room or a safe place to do anything else.

kenda 06-24-2013 03:52 PM

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Is she on pasture at all? What do you mean you can see her ribs? Can you see them along her topline, but then she has a big belly? A picture might help.

Couple things to consider:

Take her off the 12% feed and stick her on something that is purely for adding vitamin and minerals, and so can be fed at a much lower rate. Something like this Welcome to COOP Country / Bienvenue l'univers agricole Coop, look good, although the website does not offer an ingredients list.

If it's not already, put her hay in a small mesh slow-feeder hay net to slow her down without letting her get hungry.

Increase the time spent on your trail rides, and particularly in the jog. Even if it means going over the same, safe-for-jogging spot 2 or 3 times going back and forth. Just be sure to increase slowly.

toto 06-24-2013 03:59 PM

Sounds like she needs to be worked for at least 30 minutes a day to burn off the extra callories-- my mare will get like that too. Shell be wide as a house in the middle and not everywhere else, lol. She is on a regular worming schedual.

Just exercise her out everyday and it will go down.

Cruiser 06-24-2013 04:12 PM

Thanks she is a on a little pasture for a few hours a day I only have a half acre so its more to keep her busy that something to eat.

Hay nets don't work, she grabs they and shakes and shakes until it all falls out, I have no idea how she does it because the holes are smaller than 1.5 inches. Now I just use them to keep her from walking on it.

I think Legacy is hay based. But I can get the ingredients from the feed store.

Bad news has come up Spice is off work for a while, appears to be another abscesses, and her feet are taking a turn for the worst, and I'm a completely lost, she won't even walk on the hard pack driveway without a huge amount of flinching. I thought this was over, she was recovering but she has taken a nose dive again, we're only riding at the walk on soft ground for awhile.

The ribs they see are shadows on her sides, you can not feel anything or really see ribs, around here the norm is obese and fat horses. I am against fat any animal, Spice is Pre-arithritis (not bad but slightly stiff managed with supplements) extra weight could it up and at 14 years old its too young to retire because I was too stupid to try and prevent it.

I'll check out the legacy feeds, I've never seen them and wasn't sure it sounded good or not.

deserthorsewoman 06-24-2013 04:21 PM

We need AND feet( from the side( taken at ground level) and the level).
Description is not enough, I'm afraid...

Cruiser 06-24-2013 04:31 PM

I can't upload photos on anything right now, not sure why but photobucket, tinypic, horse forum, emails not working.

deserthorsewoman 06-24-2013 04:38 PM

Whenever you can:-)

Cruiser 06-24-2013 04:43 PM

Well I got email working be the rest won't I have pictures for the past trim (3 days ago), I hate computers some days.

deserthorsewoman 06-24-2013 04:51 PM

Oh, then there's hope:-)

Cruiser 06-24-2013 05:00 PM

Open this works, HF still won't let me up load pictures, this left foot

That is a big bruise at the tip of her frog.

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