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Chokolate 06-23-2013 10:10 PM

Collaborative Story
I don't know if anyone's done this on here before, but I thought it would be kind of cool if we could all write a story. You can write as little or as much as you like, as long as it makes sense with what's been written before. It'd be nice if before you post you've read the story beforehand, just so it flows a bit better than if it takes a completely random impossible twist.

Oh, also, please do make it your own words, no copying from books that someone else has already written :)

OK, I'll begin:

The sun broke sleepily above the snow-capped mountain, bathing the world in red and gold. Dapples danced staccato beats, born from the gaps between the sluggish autumn leaves; a deer turned its eyes to the purple sky and skittered into the cool depths of the great green forest, and the last dawn star fell into the sea, heralding the arrival of the morning.

Outside, the rooster crowed. Eryss groaned and snuggled deeper under her bright patchworked quilt, trying to ignore the glowing rays streaming through her window.

Carry on :) Let's see if we can finish it!

xJumperx 06-23-2013 11:02 PM

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[[ Excellent idea!! This is awesome!! ]]

Outside, the rooster crowed. Eryss groaned and snuggled deeper under her bright patchworked quilt, trying to ignore the glowing rays streaming through her window. "Rise and shine beautiful!" The voice came from across the room, as the doorknob gently tapped the wall. Eryss heard the woman throw open the curtains wider, as she pranced about the room. She groaned again, trying to show the familiar voice that she was very uninterested in waking up. "Oh, don't be like that," the mother called to her girl in reply to the muffled noise.

Suddenly the quilt was thrusted away from Eryss, and she was suddenly exposed to every inch of light that streamed into her small bedroom. Her eyes stung as they dilated, and she mumbled many complaints as she slowly made her way to a seated position. "Good grief mom ... what time is it? Why are we up?" She felt something soft land on her lap, and looked down to find a pair of jeans and a flowy, comfortable looking t-shirt.

oobiedoo 06-24-2013 12:05 AM

You're not in Detroit anymore princess, this is Oregon and all that fresh air is too good to waste. Get dressed and after breakfast Roy is taking us to a ranch horse auction. Eryss flopped back on the bed grabbing the covers as she fell. You married him, I didn't and I don't care squat about ranch houses and fresh air she grumbled. Clean your ears out on your way to breakfast, I said horse not house tossed back mom on her way out.
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Chokolate 06-24-2013 12:39 AM

This is awesome!

And heaps, heaps different to how I'd imagined it too, lol. I've already written more of this story (just stole the opening paragraph from it) and in mine it's a medieval fantasy :lol:

I love how the horses come in almost straight away :)

oobiedoo 06-24-2013 03:26 AM

Chokolate, it is fun :)
Midevial times, interesting. I'd like to read that.
I just picked out " snow capped mountains" deep green forests and the star falling into the sea" and figured it has to be the North Pacific area, and while I might have gone with mid 1800s settlers/ pioneers the second post contained " t- shirt and bluejeans" so that put it in a more current time period.
Next.......will it be a big butt blue roan? A medicine hat paint with a wild eye? or a scrawny looking but kind eyed little bay that catches her eye and heart?
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Chokolate 06-24-2013 03:37 AM

A loud buckskin paint with a white face would be cute :) Whoever writes the scene, can she be kicked by a really mean brown first?

xJumperx 06-24-2013 10:16 PM

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Eryss sat up as she heard her mother's final words, "You mean...?" She was cut off by the sound of a closing door. She rubbed the sleep from her eye, and proceeded to get dressed. She had never really come in contact with horses before, only pet them on a handful of times. There weren't many in Chicago, and the ones she did see she saw across the fence, as she would be cleaning up the streets for her community service hours.

She finally made her way down the stairs, slowly but surely. She could hear her mother talking to her grandfather, who owned the ranch that Eryss and her mother had come to live just a few short weeks ago. "I know a horse will be good for her. They always kept me out of trouble. I can't have her in trouble with the law again - the judge said one more incident, and she'd be in juvy." Her mother's voice was quiet and worried. Eryss was angered that she would bring up her less-than-ideal past with her grandfather. Sure, she had stolen a few things here and there, but she never thought it would get bad enough to the point where her mother wanted her out of the big city. Her grandfather's voice came next, "If you say so. She has to take care of it. I mean it, I don't have time to mess with yet another horse on top of all the head of cattle. You can teach her how to ride, too. I'll go with you to the auction, might be fun." Her mother agreed with his terms, and Eryss finally made her way all the way down the stairs when the two were finished speaking.

It was a decent drive to the auction house, as everything in the small town was very wide-spread. Eryss hated it. She loved city life, loved having everything in walking distance. She sat in the back seat of the truck, trailer in tow, with headphones in her ears. They were loud enough to drown out anything around her, and that's how she liked it. In her own world. Away from this place she would never call home.

When the family arrived at the auction place, Eryss' mother asked her to leave the music, and she angerly agreed. She had to listen to these fools now? Was it not punishment enough to watch? Her grandfather grabbed a number from the office, registered, and they began walking through the yard. The aisle was lined with many steel panels, holding many types of horses. Skinny, fat, clearly lame, and clearly crazy. Eryss spotted a horse she found fancy to the eye. A beautiful paint, with striking markings. He seemed to have hobbles on his feet, so Eryss' mother obliged when the girl asked to enter the pen. She reached out a hand to stroke the horse's face. Just as quickly as she could blink, the huge paint pinned his ears and struck his teeth into Eryss' hand. "Ow! You stupid bear!" She yanked her hand away, storming out of the pen. "I don't want a horse. We need to leave, I'm fine with my laptop and my phone. We are wasting our time." Eryss was furious, and even began to make her way through the crowd, on her way back to the truck. Her mother and grandfather shouted behind her, trying to catch up. Suddenly, a whinny caught Eryss' attention.

It was a smaller gelding, buckskin with a splashed white face. He was sabino, and had white markings that looked as if someone had blown white paint onto him from underneath his belly. His black points were stunning, and matched his deep, longing eyes. Eryss stopped in front of the panels holding the horse, breath lost from her lungs. The two sat there, looking at eachother square in the eye, neither moving an inch. Eryss' family came up behind her shortly, grabbing her shoulder. They began lecturing, but saw that she was no longer listening. The grandfather walked up to the panels, where a small card was placed. "2 years old, Quarter horse. He ain't even broke yet, we can't get him. You wanna ride, don't ya? Well won't be riding him for at least six months. If he's even socialized.

Without another word, Eryss walked into the pen. She reached out a hand, and the buckskin accepted her touch. They seemed connected, as if nothing could seperate them. "This one." Eryss spoke, finally, her words soft, but meaningful. "I want this horse, and no other." The mother and her father looked at each other, back to the horse, then to each other. "Okay, let's get a seat. We will wait for him to walk out," the grandfather stated. Mother was clearly skeptical, but agreed. Eryss' left the pen, and followed the two others to their seats in the grandstand, her mind full of the buckskin she had seen.

Chokolate 06-25-2013 02:16 AM

I don't know if I'm allowed to add, seeing as I started it....but I can't resist (I love writing) so on it goes:

The negotiations were brief, made so by the terse and irritable seller and Eryss' uncontrollable excitement. It took all of fifteen minutes for the agreement to be made, the price settled, the contract signed, and the horse named. The naming was, of course, decided by Eryss. Disgusted by the suggestions of her family - which included 'Spirit,' 'Sweetie,' and 'Bucky,' she let herself into his holding stall and stared into his eyes, one arm around his neck and the other twisted into his warm, lush mane of white and black.

No good names immediately presented themselves, and it was hard to think of something suitable even after a great deal of thought. Eventually, she took the direct, irrational route.

"You got a name, buddy?" she asked him, scratching behind his wispy ears. He pricked them and turned his delicate muzzle towards her serious grey eyes.

This was no sort of inspiration, thought Eryss grumpily. She stared out the grimy, rust-rimmed window at the scrubby kind of forest behind the pens. Oak and aspen trees grew in bedraggled clumps, huddling together for support among a sea of dry yellow pasture. Oak and aspen. Aspen. That didn't sound too bad.

She turned back to her horse. Her horse. Much as she had resisted the move to the country, the notion of owning her own horse and riding as she had seen some of the girls in her class do was too exciting to turn down.

"Whaddya think of Aspen, my friend?"

He blew on her forehead gently, then shook his head. His wild mane tumbled and rippled like a forest river.

"Aspen it is." That was that. Despite the comments raised by her family on naming her horse after a tree, there was no changing her mind.

Having zoned out during the negotiations of the adults, it was only then that Eryss discovered he was to be delivered by trailer two days hence. She absolutely couldn't wait, and was full of nervous and excited energy on the car ride home.

Samstead 06-26-2013 03:39 AM

The trailer arrived at 7:02 AM exactly, Eryss had looked a her watch the second she saw it coming up the long, winding driveway. It was now 7:45 and Eryss was still trying to convince Aspen his stall was not in fact a horse eating monster. Sighing heavily Eryss put a hand on the gelding face "come on, Aspen...please?" she asked resorting to begging "I swear it won't hurt you, look there's even hay in there, water too."

Eventually Eryss gave up on the stall and turned Aspen out in the paddock deciding she'd give the stall another go later, possibly with a carrot. Eryss headed up to the house for lunch. "Hi Honey" her Mother greeted as she set a roast beef sandwich on toasted bread and drenched in honey mustard down on the table, Eryss's favourtie. As Eryss ate her grandfather walked in, pausing at the door to hang up his well worn felt hat at the door he sat down next to Eryss and poured himself a glass of lemonade before pouring a second and sliding it across the table to his grand daughter. Shocked Eryss swallowed a mouthful of sandwich without fully chewing it "thanks" she frowned, it was rare for her grandfather to do much but pass the salt let alone pour someone else a drink. "How's that horse...Aspen or whatever?" he asked

"fine" Eryss answered "Not a big fan of his stall though, he's in the paddock for now"

Her grandfather nodded with his glass to his lips "Horses can be funny like that."

Eryss frowned again it was also unlike her grandfather to be so positive, she had expected him to chew her out for "letting the horse get his way"

"yeah I'm going to try again after lunch, might lure him in with a carrot it there one I could use?"

"ask your grandmother from one from her garden, she's plated so many this year, I'm sure she could spare one. She's out there now"

Eryss's face lit up "Grandma's back?" she asked excitedly.

"I just said she was in the garden didn't I ?" Eryss barely heard her grandfather's response as she dashed out the door leaving it wide open behind her.

Potterhorse 06-26-2013 09:27 AM

Without waiting for another second, she dashed out the front door, heading straight for the garden right next door. Right at that moment, her grandma was just about to bring the carrots into the house when she heard a voice screaming after her. "Wait!! Wait!!" Peering over her shoulder, it was easily recognisable that it was her playful, carefree granddaughter running up her front lawn.

Panting non-stop, Eryss stoops over the gate, waving toward her grandma, asking her to open the front gate. "Hi grandma, may I have one of your carrots??" Curious for the use of her carrots, she questions Eryss why she needs them. "They are to feed Aspen, my new buddy!" Satisfied with the answer, she gives one carrot to Eryss. Not with a second to waste, Eryss dashes home.

Not even heading back to the house, she immediately goes to the paddock. However, the moment she leans over the paddock gate, all she sees is the green pasture before her eyes. But NO HORSE!!! Frantic, worried, Eryss did not know what to do. Where could Aspen be? At most she remembered, he was only 2 years old, how far could he have gone??

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