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michaelvanessa 06-23-2013 11:34 PM

my new addition.
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hiya i have looked at trailers with liveing so i decided to buy one i saw in an advertisment.
the horses travle backwards and the ramp is on the side so its a side load.
it has an elecric toilet 4 gas ring cooker and has a sink a horse wash and a large fridge to.
so i am looking forward to going to the coast with it and the sofa folds out to double bed.
ill have to take a picture with the ramp down.

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Phly 06-25-2013 03:51 AM

That's wild!! I kinda like it honestly. It's different for me, and functional as heck.
I really like the tri axle probly the most. Makes it look beefy. But I'm sure it weighs nothing.
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SlideStop 06-25-2013 04:22 AM

Nice, have fun with that! I guess looks can be deceiving because I'm scratching my head about where everyone fits, lol. The living quarters are smaller the I'm imagining I think!
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Stan 06-25-2013 04:36 AM

Three axles That must have some weight to it. Can you give some measurment Length, brand etc. Hey whats it worth

michaelvanessa 06-25-2013 03:54 PM

equi trek
hiya ill have to measure it for you.
the weight fully laden is 3600-3200 kgs that the max payload with 2 horses and belly tank and extras.
i think it has a belly tank for water i would say 30 litres of water that feeds the horse shower and the sink and the toilet.
the rear has 2 lockers i holds the tack and the other holds the spare wheel and the horse shower and im going to equip it with its own jack and tool box so in the event any thing should happen we can get out of trouble.
i have a nissan pajero long wheel base in the last string as a gift horse.
i went about 100 miles to get it.
i admit i was a bit taken back by the size and its ideal to hit the coast with and also shows.
brand new here thay retail for 14000 plus so this one is a second hand trailer 2004 was the date of manafacture.
i payed 6800 for it.
it has low profile tires.
it towed along the freeway at 60 mph and it was as steady as a rock.
so im going to fit it with a mains power hookup and a leasure battory charger and a small genarator if we are away from mains power.
also i am going to perchase a microwave oven.
and rule of thumb a fire extinwisher and also a carbondioxide alarm if your useing gas heating.

Clayton Taffy 06-26-2013 03:59 PM

That is wild looking!!! Quincy will be traveling in style with that one!!
When you get to the coast, You must post photos for us!!

michaelvanessa 06-26-2013 04:16 PM

pictures of trailer at the coast.
when we go we will up date you on how we are doing.
i decided i wanted one for a while now i will use this one for shows and holidays away from home.
many thanks taffy clayton when we are at the coast youl be updated.

michaelvanessa 06-28-2013 06:04 PM

ill have to look up the equitrek star trecker.
i beleave the data for weights will be the same as mine .
mine is an older version but there is 2 trailer manafactures combined here.
there have been some reports that the new ones have some silght problems but thats hear say so i cant comment there.
i have been checking the electrical systemds out and traced another cable and found another leasure battory in line with the fuse box.
so the adaption some one put on has been removed that was another leisure battery with crockadile clips.
so if there was a bad or uncharged battery one will pull the other one down so the one in the front has been removed.
the one i have found has proper terminals on the poles.
i fitted a new gas bottle and a new regulator and have checked out the stove and the grill thay are a ok.
and also checked out the fridge as well and there was heat riseing from the exhust as it was running on gas.
one of the marker lights was coroded and the turminal broken off but i have solderd it back on and have used silicon to keep out the moisture.
and the cables returminated so i have the side marker lights eluminated.
i found a brand new fire extingwisher and fitted it near the cooker.
all the electrical circuits are working fine.

michaelvanessa 06-28-2013 06:24 PM

fiting out.
i have orderd a zig charger which will allow the battory to charge at 12 amps and float to keep the levle topped up.
with the zig charger i will incorparate a battery volt meater to tell me the condition of the battory.
with that im going to put a mains hook up loop to support the charger and a double socket.
and also have a microwave oven to.
i have also got a carbon monoxide alarm just to be safe i think thay can be a life saver.
the horse shower is going to have a new hose pipe and a new shower head as well.
i am going to fit a tap to i can turn it off and im hopeing the water preasure will get 50% better as it will stop the air and running out of the horse shower that has no stop valve at all.
and it now will be isolated.
the hook up plug will have a jumper cable made so it will plug in to the new trailer socket and into the existing rcd/mcb fuse box that i all ready have.
so that all the electrical equipment is proteted eather from a mains hook up or in a parking lot with a generator.
the other end of the trailer were the horse shower is im going to fit an extra fire extingwisher in case of emergenceys.
i have a dvd tv set and ill be takeing my lap top to when we are on the move.
ill take some pictures tomorrow so progress is being made and it will be a trailer that ill like to my own standard.
if you need any help on auxillary chargeing circuits like im makeing ill be glad to help you and im going to supply pictures so if you woild like to do the same to yours.

michaelvanessa 06-30-2013 05:18 PM

heres a few up grades.
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heres some pictures of the side ramp down the horse wash now has a proper tap to shut off the horse shower.
and the water pipe keeps its vacume and does not run back to the belly tank and have to be reprimed when on demand.
i have fitted a fire blanket and a fire extinwisher near the cooker and also a carbonmonoxide alarm.
and a new twin twinn 8 watt flouresent light fiting for the toilet.
and i have installed a new hose pipe and hose end and quick release fitings.
and also another fire extinwisher in the rear locker were the horse wash is.
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