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Lizz 02-01-2009 08:09 PM

Filthy Sheath!!!! long
:oops: Well I finally got to ride Lakota today!! Yeah!! I have had him about 3 weeks but I fell in our driveway and hurt my back but today was 40 degrees and beautiful so Sky hopped on Kodak (bareback of course) and I got my nerve up and hopped on Lakota our BIG new guy (in avatar pic). Ride went great! Except...............
He stopped like 4 times to pee and well he didn't my daughter was saying "Mom he is trying to pee but nothing is comming out." So I hopped off and I went down to the house and got some warm soapy (baby soap) water and started to wash his sheath. Now mind you our vet ALWAYS does Kodak I NEVER did it before but the poor guy seemed like something was up. HE WAS FILTHY!!!! Oh my LORD I got 5 beans out big ones too. His sheath alone was caked with crud. I brought him back to the barn put new shaving in and gave him some new water. He drank it but I did notice his urine was a dark color. I cleaned it up and an hour later went out to check on him and he went again this time pale yellow.......fine. Should I call the vet? I spoke with the gal i got hm off of and she said she hadn't cleaned him in almost a year or so... Sorry so long

rosie9r 02-01-2009 08:31 PM

Some horses are just prone to getting dirt clogged in there more often. If they roll a lot they really pack it in there. Its not a glorious job, but its part of owning a gelding. Good job cleaning it out, that is all I would have done. I dont think you need to call the vet if he has normal urine now and you got all the beans out. Just keep an eye on him, you may have to clean his out more than other horses (once every 6 months.)

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