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klkavich 06-24-2013 04:10 PM

Opinions on Iberian Warmblood as first horse to train

I am considering purchasing an Iberian Warmblood filly. Sire is Reg'd Azteca and Dam is Reg'd QH. I am more looking to see what type of personality/sensitivity and if she will be too much horse for me, as this will be the first I'm training.

I have been riding for over 7 years (intermediate rider) and am planning to train her the basics and send her for refined training at a later date to a well known trainer (she was my coach). I am looking to stay in English riding and don't really plan on competing. So basically English pleasure riding with a possibility of jumping, and a slighter possibility of dressage.

I am specifically looking at your opinion on these questions, please do not start a debate over the "Iberian Warmblood" breed, I've already read through most of them.

If anyone has experience training this breed, that would be great!


teamfire 06-28-2013 03:08 AM

Depends, I guess??

I bought my very first horse a year ago, with only 4 years of riding under my belt and minimal lease experience. Best decision ever.

I'm training him (Got him rising 6, an oldenberg/andie gelding) on my own, with help of two coaches but on the ground. One of my coaches has only been on him a max of 2 full rides, and 3 half rides. Not bad for someone with next to no training experience!

But this is possible ONLY because he is super forgiving and generous. He rarely complains, and if I do something wrong or ask in a way that he doesn't understand, he never pulls anything funny.

So, I'm sold. I love Iberians and their crosses. The horses that his breeder breeds all have exceptional temperaments, and that seems to be a general breed thing.

lovemylilly 06-28-2013 05:09 AM

very true depends on the horse no matter what breed. always look for the kind eye, meaning soft brown with no white showing ;) I always put my hands all over a horse no matter what breed if they just look and dont move, definately a keeper! if they move away they have trust issues and thats something you have to put time and love into. Horses want to please naturally but circumstances make them weary of humans, so you must connect with them.I'd say 7 years experience gives you a step up to the game :) go with your gut!
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TexasWBRider 07-08-2013 05:58 PM

My Iberian WB is super sensitive and a drama queen, but she settles in once she get's over her feelings being hurt and does exactly what I ask of her.

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