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Miss Katie 02-03-2009 08:38 AM

Horsie fotoshoot afternoon
I spent like 3 hrs with the babies this afternoon, just grooming and getting pictures!!!
So here are the pictures of the loves of my life.

Nudge aka Grandeur Ice Magic
In the halter I made as a test. Im thinking of selling them, some as is seen here, and then some beaded. Opinions??
Sleeepy baby!!
My baby and me

Moe. He is nearly 32!!!:-P

Chloe and Major aka Underage

Miss Katie 02-03-2009 08:44 AM

Chausser 02-03-2009 10:41 AM

Moe looks incredible for his age, good job!

Lois 02-03-2009 11:35 AM

Nice horses! wow! 32!! he looks great

Kiki 02-03-2009 07:37 PM

purrrttttyyy arabs!!!

Jubilee Rose 02-03-2009 08:25 PM

Gorgeous horsies Miss Katie!! :-) Wow, he's 32?? Except for a bit of sway-back, he looks like he's 10!

Miss Katie 02-03-2009 09:33 PM

Only one is arab, and he is only 75.%

lol, Moe is definatly not 10! We have had him maybe 14 years, and he was not young when we got him. :) But he did not have the grey hairs on his face when we got him, I can remember as they gradually got more and more.
He still loves to run around like a baby tho. He follows Nudge and Major when they play.

Walkamile 02-03-2009 09:44 PM

Wow! All your horse's are beautiful , Moe has my heart!! :-) What a guy!

Equuestriaan 02-04-2009 07:59 AM

OMG I love the yawning pic! And your pinto pony is SO cute. WANT. <3

my2geldings 02-04-2009 08:48 AM

You've got some really cute horses. I really like the paint and the chesnut with his leg markings is just adorable. Great photos, always love to see new pics so thank you for sharing them with us :-)

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