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AppaloosaCowGirl 06-11-2007 09:10 PM

flexi lunge, almost fatal Disaster good read, you might lear
anyone here ever heard of a flexi lunge? if you own dogs or know someone who does you probably have seen the dog version...
it is like a plastic box that the leash rolls up inside of.....

anyway. I was away this weekend and when I came home My dad had bought one (for horses) at a yard sale...

now I was super excited and ran down to the barn to try it out....

the concept is AWESOME and I was really excited...

ok so I pick Lilly first.. i clip it on the halter and off we go.. at a walk and trot she did awesome... the flexi lunge was great!

so I decide to canter he.. (not lunging but leading he at a canter which I do all the time.. and she does really well... ) but this time.. she was excited so she got ahead of me.. well I stopped, planing on getting her to stop to... normally this would work,

but because the flexi was not loocked it kept giving, so she kept running... so I did what was natrual. I stopped the give. the force the it stopped yanked me off my feet and the flexi out of my hand.

Lilly took off, (two reasons, 1: I had suddenly "leapt" behind her and 2: there was a rope with a large plastic thing attached following her. )

I did not jump up right away, figuring she would run a few feet the stop to graze... beside running after he would make the situation worse.

she ran around the barn adn out of sight, I heard a thump, but still it did not register that she could have gotten hurt... then I heard my mom yell "what the HeII happened" so I started running,

I got around the barn in time to see the Flexi (now pulled all the way out ) fly up in the air after being yank from around a post and land in the ground a few feet from my horse who was grounded.

then I yelled the same thing to my mother and walked over to Lilly (not wanting to startle her) she was laying down and breathing pretty hard.. I rubbed her neck and kept her down for a few minutes, making sure her legs were bent normaly. then I made her stand up...

she was a little shaky but walked fine... (boy did I tell God thanks about a million times... at that point)

I took her to the barn, and check her over, the only injuries she had are some cuts above her eye (dont ask me how they got there)

she was in a VERY mild shock for about an hour, I walked her around to make she she did not colic, when I left her in the barn she was alert, but standing still probably super sore!

one weird thing is that she is drooling... and I think she must have bitten her tounge or something because (though not anymore I made sure of that) there was blood in her mouth right after it happened...

but she all of her vital sign are normal... so that is good..

anyway so I just wanted to post that... and I am not saying that Flexis are horrible tools, actually if the flexi hadn't broken I probably would still use it. but not any faster then a trot, and a VERY controled inviroment....

but I do want to say that now I am a few heart pounds smarter, I will be alot more careful....

but THANK GOD she is ok.. and I dont think I need to call the vet...

oh and please dont bash me... it was a simple mistake that I plan on not making again. thanks..

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