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Sopranosbaby 02-05-2009 01:58 AM

One Tree Hill
i am not really into realistic programmes. i watched "hollyoaks" for a while and a love "prison break" thats it. i love programmes like "smallville" "lost" "buffy the vampire slayer" "angel" and even "sabrina the teenage witch"... however i watched One Tree Hill and it was amazing.
the story lines are fantastic, i am only at season 4 myself, but if season 5 and 6 are as good as the rest, im sure i will stay hooked, they make you love a character then they kill them, or the leave, they make you fist wrenched and heart broken. total fanstastic :) x

Sopranosbaby 02-06-2009 03:52 AM

i just started watching one tree hill last season and i'm already hooked i think of all my favorite character is peyton.... this shows just keeps getting better and i love that after last season when lucas and peyton swore u and down that they didn't have feelings for each other the finally got together and their about to get married and their having a baby. also brooke is pretty cool i like the part in "Things a mamma don't know" when brooke faught her attacker it was so funny when she smacked her attacker with the gun... i think my favorite episodes from this season sop far was when jamie got kidnapped and then the very lats episode that aired i just think that this is a great show the should never be cancelled......

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