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pinkbow 06-26-2013 02:23 PM

Foal Advice
I'm looking for someone who can answer some of my questions about a foal I'm getting. Yes, I have expirience with horses, although this is my first foal and I need some questions answered about training it.

PaintHorseMares 06-26-2013 02:34 PM

You'll get lots of advice here...what are your Qs?
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pinkbow 06-26-2013 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by PaintHorseMares (Post 2900066)
You'll get lots of advice here...what are your Qs?
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Okay so I've worked around foals before, but now that I'm getting my own in a few months I think I'm becoming really paranoid about training it right, and I've been pretty much glued to whatever resources I can find about training foals ha. I just need some straight forward answers... One of my family members is the breeder of the foal, and I've asked her questions, but I don't think she understands horses as much as she says seeing how she has to google every question I ask her :-| . Basically my filly is halter broke, she's comfortable with people and really social, she has an attitude once and a while... But I was wondering what kind of daily work is best with foals... Just basically walking them around and teaching them manners? She's "desensitized" as some call it. She let's you pick up her feet and rub her all over. I just want her to be a great horse.

PaintHorseMares 06-26-2013 03:08 PM

How old will the foal be when you get her?
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pinkbow 06-26-2013 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by PaintHorseMares (Post 2900482)
How old will the foal be when you get her?
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She'll be 7 months
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Palomine 06-26-2013 03:33 PM

Don't spoil her, don't baby her and don't let her get away with things because she is "cute."

Other than that? I'd turn her out to be a horse, then bring her in and have her trained.

sparklefox 06-26-2013 03:43 PM

Don't kneel in front of her and let her ruffle your hair - hehe :D

pinkbow 06-26-2013 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by sparklefox (Post 2900778)
Don't kneel in front of her and let her ruffle your hair - hehe :D

Wow -_- haha :)

BayDancer 06-30-2013 09:01 AM

At 7 mos, she'll be fairly big (I'm assuming she's a horse), so hopefully she hasn't learned any bad habits :)

With foals, from birth we put a halter on them and start teaching them to lead pretty much as soon as they're walking well. We never let them jump and play while on a lead rope, and we never let them "horseplay" with humans. When they're used to the halter/lead rope, we start getting them used to grooming--curries, brushes, towels, etc. We pick up their feet, and when they're comfortable with that, tap the feet with a hoof pick. We also go ahead and start teaching picking up feet from the same side (as in, pick up the right hoof while standing on the left side).

All that to say, the weanlings I worked with knew all of this. Since your baby is halter broke, I wouldn't say it would be a big deal to (slowly) go back and teach any of those things.

I'd be working on lots of ground work, although keeping sessions short. Seven months is still very much a baby, and she'll probably have a relatively short attention span. If you have the time, I would suggest 2-3 fifteen or twenty minute "work" sessions a day. But keep in mind that babies do nothing but learn, so anytime a person is handling her at all, she's learning something from that person.

I really like babies to be stall boarded too--not because I think they need to be in a stall, but leading them in and out gives them a chance to be handled multiple times a day in a routine setting.

Those are my personal preferences; there's lots of different theories of course. Good luck with your baby and keep us posted!

sportschick068 06-30-2013 11:50 AM

I definitely agree with what BayDancer said. I had horse experience and got a foal a few years ago. She came to me as an 8 month old but wasn't too great with a lot of things.

-Make sure she leads and ties well (my foal broke the cross-ties when I left her to get a brush)
- Pick up each of her feet for a progressively longer amount of time (hold them also in similar positions that the farrier does)
- Make sure she is fine with being touched EVERYWHERE and brushed - teats included
- Make sure she doesn't nip or lean (my foal was perfect for me but would try to nip and lean on other people, like the BO)
- Practice yielding and giving you space. (eventually when you lightly tap a point on her hindquarters she will move them away from you; same with the forehand and stepping sideways when you touch their barrel)

This is, of course, just in addition to the great things everyone else has said :)
It's definitely a fun experience. My foal was perfect for me and listened incredibly well but her conformation worsened so I ended up giving her to my uncle to be his trail horse :/

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