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RatherBeRiding 02-06-2009 03:02 PM

Leasing a horse
I really want to lease the horse i ride ... his name is oscar and i ride him in my lessons every week and he is really good .. he is 16.1hh and is an anglo arab ... i know the costs and can pay for mostly everything .. the shoeing ,worming etc and he will obviously stay there at charlies (my riding centre) but there is one problem .. like most people .. you have it all planned out then you ask your mum/dad and they say "NO" .. in this case its my mum .. she says .. ." whats the point ? .. you already ride him enough ... and i dont want to take you up there all the time ." .. because it is a 15-20 min drive .. but my friend goes up there like everyday and she said they could take me up .. i just dont know what my mums problem is ... she has seen me ride oscar heaps and she knows i am responsible and will keep safe .. but when i tell her that she doesnt reply to me she just starts talking about something different.. !!!! i will accept any advice you are willing to give to me .. please help me convince my mum !!!!

SuspiciousInnocence 02-06-2009 11:46 PM


Leases can be great. They can also be very heartbreaking. Make sure there is a contract if you do lease and think about what happens if the owner wants you to stop leasing the horse. I had a few AMAZING years leasing, but I was often swapped onto different horses as my riding ability improved. This proves to be great for my riding, buh Id developed such a bond with the horses it was really hard swapping. Just keep that in mind.

anyway, Have you explained to your mum that leasing would help you figure out if you were ready to own? And that generally speaking, once riders get their own horse (bought or leased) they tend to improve in leaps and bounds. Maybe ask you mum if you can lease for 2 weeks and trial it, so how it goes?

slightly crazy 02-07-2009 02:50 AM

I would recommend putting a rite of purchase in the lease so you have the option of buying the horse at the end of the lease instead of having giving back a horse you've schooled and bonded with I like suspiciousInnocence idea about a trial lease first. As for your mum the only suggestion I have is good luck, hope she comes round

RatherBeRiding 02-08-2009 11:53 PM

the owner of Oscar said to me that the time i could lease him is in near winter when like no one will be using him for lessons or anything and she has explained that i cant lease him forever or anything but im hoping that if i do lease him for a while my mum will see that i can handle the responsibility and everything :) ... Also there is another problem tho .. i think like you said .. your riding ability improved and you had to change horse .. and this is kind of happening already as i want to do more jumping (higher) but i cant on oscar and there arnt many horses at my stables that can jump very high :( ... so i wouldnt know what to do then ... which is why i want a horse of my own !!! i have also looked on at lots of horses and alot are perfect for me .. and in a good price range but my parents dont want to look at them!!! arrrrrgghhh !!!! but anyway thanks again for your advice :D

upsidedown 02-09-2009 11:43 AM

Parents can be hard. It took them years before they bought me or my sister a horse, and before that years before they let us lease. And for a while it was "If you lease it why do you need to buy?"

Though to give them some credit I am very happy that they didn't buy every horse I found on the internet when I was 7-11 (or even 12 or 13 :) ), I really was not ready for my own.

Of course I'm not saying that your not ready. Just that sometimes its doesn't turn out badly if you have to wait.

Good luck to you.

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