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evilamc 06-27-2013 07:33 PM

Scared to post this :(
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My trainer moved away a few weeks ago, so I'm attempting to work without one for a month or two...soooo tear me apart! I already know my arms......are terrible....I didn't realize I had them that straight, this is my first time recording myself :(.

Hopefully you'll see a few good things and not all bad!

KatieQ 06-27-2013 08:09 PM

I am not too good at this but I will take a stab at it! Your seat looks okay, and your posture although your shoulders need to loosen up and come back a little. Turn your wrists so your thumbs are on top and bend your elbows. He looks like a nice little horse.

farmpony84 06-27-2013 08:24 PM

I'm not the best critique-er so I'll stick to minimum response. You look like you are very stiff in the arms, they almost looked like they are locked at the elbow. Are you trying to release w/out lengthening your reins or is that just a habit? It doesn't look like you are hard on the mouth or lugging at the bit or anything, your horse looks mad at the flies though!

Your horse also appeared to bend towards the outside on the straight of way and almost looked gimpy a few times, not sure if that was my eyes playing a trick on me or not.

It looks to me like you are heading in the right direction though. I'm interested to see what other folks come back with on a critique.

evilamc 06-27-2013 08:46 PM

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Yeah, I really never realized how stiff I was until seeing this now. My trainer always got on me about my arms and then told me I was doing better when I fixed them, its interesting to see what she was seeing. I think next month I'll be able to try a couple lessons with a new trainer so hopefully she can help me some too. My old trainer just gave me a realllllllly good deal on lessons because we kind of exchanged services (I'm a dog groomer), so full price of lessons is a lot for me.

Dexter has a bad habit of bending to the outside down the long side sometimes, I try to correct it with outside leg, and pressure on the inside rein. Any ideas of how to break him of this? If I really pay attention, and prep for it to happen then I can keep it from happening...but the second I'm not paying attention, he takes advantage lol

farmpony84 06-27-2013 09:19 PM

He's lazy and not balanced. It's just going to take consistency... :( I have a similar issue as mine likes to travel to the left, he looks crooked...

greentree 06-27-2013 10:15 PM

It may help yo think of your elbows glued to your side, softly. Almost sitting them on your hips. I think I picked that up from Jeff Moore, who does biomechanics clinics...

It has been a few YEARS since I saw him, but I think he felt this helped keep the pelvis in neutral position, also.


MyBoyPuck 06-27-2013 10:36 PM

See how your arms are straight? Bend your elbows, let them hang soft at your sides, but raise your lower arms to provide a straight connection from elbow to quit. I don't necessarily see a lazy horse. I do see one looking for contact. Once he gets something to take hold of, he might come to life and step under a bit more.

tinyliny 06-27-2013 10:41 PM

first of all, I feel bad that you feel necessary to say "Scared to post this", I suppose because you fear being roughly treated? I sincerely hope people aren't scared to post videos for critique.
I am glad you overcame that fear and posted. Good on ya!

Ok, yes your arms are incredibly stiff and straight. However, if you were to magically photoshop them off your body (painlessly) and watch the clip just pretending you have NO arms at all, then your body and posting is not half bad! seriously, look at it again and use your imagination to erase your arms, totally, so you are just a torso and legs. the rhythm is steady, the leg is quiet, the angle is decent.

So, this problem of your arms is what you must change. And the thing is, when you change this, everything else will fall into line more than you can guess. Because the way you hold your arms affects the connect to the bit, which affects your horse's willingness to trust any connection and to put any real Umph and drive forward with confidence into the connection.
It's more than just looking right.

you need to get your upper arm connected to your rib cage, put a bend in the elbow, roll your shoulders back , get the thumbs on top, and hold the reins so that your thumbs point like LASERS straight from your elbow, through the thumb and to the bit rings.
This position will give you so much more strength and solidity, and you'll be better able to ask you horse to step up and through his back and bring the energy forward to the bit. the more energy he offers, the easier it is to post, and the easier it is to keep that firm upper body, and it's round the circle again.

Try this:

sit on your horse reins loose, arms hanging down by your side. now roll your palm as far outward as you can, so much that you feel the arm roll outward in the shoulder socket. hold that . now, holding that position of your upper arm, bring the whole lower arm up into "holding the reins" position. Do not allow your elbow to leave your ribcage. THAT is how it feels to hold the reins in a good position. You can allow your elbow to open and close its' angle, and move forward and backward a tiny bit, but your shoulders are rolled back (imagine you have a million dollar bill tucked under your armpit, toward the back part of it), and your elbow always has some bend, thumbs on top.

evilamc 06-27-2013 11:07 PM

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Hehe nah I didn't think you guys would be mean I was just being silly with my title :) I was a tad nervous since I can see what I'm doing wrong and I've never posted for critique before. Have to start somewhere though!

Getting a lot of good suggestions that I will def try out! I'm glad that my riding isn't as bad as I thought though, I guess we are always out worst critics.

Hopefully I can start riding 3-4x a week again soon, been only riding like once or twice if in lucky because of weather, work, treating his lymes :( riding more is something we both need.

I have a pretty small arena, what are some good exercises I can do in smaller spaces? I can set up a couple poles, and I do that a lot. Usually just down the long side but when the grassy centers dry I can set them up in the middle like a box to do clover or in a circle.

I decided to take a step back from canter work and really focus on our trot though. Can't do too much at once!
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Becca93 06-27-2013 11:14 PM

I'm not that great at critiquing so I wont but I wanted to say good on your for posting your video here. You are by no means are horrible rider, but are keen to get better and because you have the drive you will start to improve with your riding!

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