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Savanna 06-12-2007 09:30 PM

Sassy is finally doing well :)
Hey everyone, about 2 weeks ago i found a great vet, and finally one that isnt rediculously expensive :D and i had Sassy checked out. He said she should be fine, apperently she just needed some beet pulp stuff or something to help her get back to her normal weight and its worked great. Also said her teeth are in great condition for her age( thank god it wasnt a tooth problem, poor old girl)
So my Sassy is doing great, shes back to health and life is great! Oh and this stuff is really cool too apperently they took all the color and other unnecessary stuff out of the beet and got it down to where its basically just like the fiber and healthy stuff. It helps horses gain weight or maintain weight. Its also very cheap around here $10 for a 20 lb bag that could practically last you a year. you just take some out, put it in a container, add twice as much water as beet pulp and letit sit for a few hours, drain the excess and feed. Its amazing stuff and most horses seem to just love it. :D
Just thought you guys may want to know how she was doing, thanks for your prior suggestions.

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