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SorrelHorse 06-27-2013 11:17 PM

Need hat help!
Okay none of you laugh at me okay? LOL

I have spent the past entirety of my life with a well fitting hat and a stampede string, and have never lost it.

Well, I outgrew that hat, and now I have a straw one that looks great but it flies off. It does not have a stampede string. I could attach one, but I'd rather not.

Can someone post a picture of how in the hell someone bobby pins their hat on? I see a lot of "Just do it on the inner brim" but I do not even understand how that works.

The hat has decorate holes (Thank god for the air flow) in the top and I could secure some there, but I'm concerned it looks tacky. Also, hairspray is not enough to keep it on...

So, yeah, I'm in need of some help. lol

Casey02 06-27-2013 11:39 PM

Buy a new hat? That all sounds like to much work for me ahahaha

SorrelHorse 06-28-2013 01:04 AM

Literally five minutes after I posted this I found a good answer....Flip the inner brim out, then put it on. It suction cups it to your head! Then I'll add a couple bobby pins to it since its now flipped down...Sweet deal to me! Lol

beau159 06-28-2013 11:04 AM

After years of doing the rodeo queen thing, I've gotten very very good at keeping a hat on a head.

I wouldn't use hairspray, unless it's just a cheap hat and you don't care about it. Hairspray (over time) will degrade and ruin a hat. I've got two hats that are $400+ apiece, so I am not using hairspray on them. And since they are custom-made for my head, I'm not going to flip the brim down and ruin the shape of it either.

Soooooooo....... I use bobby pins. Works great (although it can hurt you scalp a little bit).

What I do, is I squish the ends of the bobby pins so that the ends aren't "flared". Because some bobby pins have ends like this:

And I want to have ends like this: (hurts less!)

Then basically what you do is slide the bobby pin onto your hat band, making sure you get some of your hair in the bobby pin too. That's what holds it on.

The best places for the most secure fit are one in front of the ear and one behind the ear. If it's really windy out, you'll also want to have them around the back of your head too.

On a super windy day, I've sometimes had 12 bobby pins to hold my hat on. On less windy days, sometimes just 4 will do.

The part that "hurts" is if you also get your scalp scraped by the bobby pin when you are inserting it. :-) But no pain, no gain!

nrhareiner 06-30-2013 06:23 PM

Cheap hair spray. Spray the inside brim of your hat and then around your head. Works great. I have a very hard time getting the hat off.

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