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jemmamalone 02-07-2009 07:22 PM

I really want to know everything there is to know about arabians so thought i would post this to see how many Arabian owners can give me some facts. Im used to owning cobs and vanner horses so now owning an arab is different to me so anything would help. :-P

Remali 02-07-2009 09:21 PM

I owned Arabians for about 30 years, they are very people-oriented, and they're very smart and catch on quick. Most will not put up with rough or abusive training methods, they have wonderful dispositions and are extremely versatile and are good at so many things.....western, English, trail, endurance, dressage. I can't say enough good about them. My Arabs were so easy to work with, they would come when I called, and were calm and quiet enough to be used as lesson horses.

There are Polish Arabs, Spanish Arabs, Egyptian, and Crabbet bred (being from England), as well as Russian which is actually a blending of Polish and Egyptian lines. The Crabbet and Polish Arabs, in general (there are always exceptions) tend to be very athletic and excel in performance. The Spanish are known for gorgeous large eyes and beauty, and Egyptians are very typey and exotic and tend to be seen more in the halter arena (altho the Babson-bred Egyptians are super-athletic and very calm horses).

Hope that helped some! lol.

PiggyPablo 02-07-2009 09:42 PM

Remali really said it all LOL. Arabs are REALLY fun to ride. I have a Spanish Arabian and he loves to go trail riding and is VERY good at dressage. He can do piaffe with ease. is an excellent site to check out.

cfesnoux 02-08-2009 01:09 AM

Everything I was planning on saying Remali said it! She really gave you a good, concise answer. Arabians are extremely intelligent, athletic, versatile, a VERY people oriented. Also, since they are average height and build (along with other factors) they are quite tough with usually really good feet.
Ever since I was young I have been fascinated with the breed yet since began in the hunter/jumper world I was aware of the stigma around them of being flighty, highstrung, etc. From my experience (in the last 6 years I have been around A LOT of arabians), they are nothing of the sort. My horse in particular is very measured (thinks before he does things), and is a very honest, good boy.
Hope you find your experiences with them as good as I have!

eclecticstar 02-08-2009 01:20 AM

I have been around Arabs my whole life. Good tempered and not. Most of the time, when I found an Arab to be bad or ill-tempered, it was because of the owner/handler being to ruff with them and not listening to what the Arab had to say. They are VERY smart, some will say to smart-however I don't believe in "too smart", and they will not put up with a heavy hand or the owner/handler being inconsiderate. In my experience, Arabs tend to have "sensitive" skin and do not like being brushed hard. So, if you are in a rush while brushing and your Arab dances around or acts up, she is telling you that you are brushing to hard. They take a different type of training, more human like, almost. Treat them as if you would want to be treated. However, I'm kinda a "hippy" when it comes to my animals. lol Maybe that is why I like Arabs.

One of the biggest things I like about Arabs is how proud and confident they look when they work in the way that they hold their body. So gorgeous!

jemmamalone 02-08-2009 02:36 PM

Thank you everyone for all your facts and experiences. It helped alot

LadyAshen 02-08-2009 02:57 PM

I am going to say you need to "listen" to your arabian horse and talk to him too.

I learned to read mine's ears and eyes pretty well I think. When we are together, we carry on a conversation of sorts. I would almost swear that Ashen understands a lot of what I am saying on some level and responds to it.

Building trust is important. Ashen listens more to me than any other rider/handler because she has learned I won't be mean or rough, but I am firm. Arabians have a long long memory of those they don't like.

Ashen is gentle and watchful around kids but she will test an adult to see if they are up to her standards. If you are not, watch out she will dump you. I watched her dump a cowboy type rider who is much more experienced than me. He had no sensivity to what she was saying.

Yet she appeared appalled and concerned when I fell off due entirely my own lack of balance. Arabs are like toddlers in their intelligence and curiosity. When they care for their person, they get jealous. Ashen does not want me to spend anytime at all around another horse when SHE is near. Ashen kept biting a horse I was grooming, because I am HERS! She may not need attention from me, but woe to any other horse who I pay attention to!

And when tacked up at her finest, she struts around like a model on a runway. It is like she is saying, "Aren't I lovely? I am beautiful!"

Remali 02-08-2009 04:49 PM

Everyone has some great info and advice....Arabians are just so uncanny, they bond with people so amazingly. I love all breeds, but Arabians will always be very special to me, there simply is not another breed like them. They are so easy to train, and I love their minds.

PiggyPablo 02-08-2009 08:28 PM

LOL Arabs taught me how to ride. They taught me how to get over myself and not worry about spookiness. Oh Yes! Jealousy is common among my boy....HA! He will give me "dirty looks" when I'm petting or grooming my other guy. The bedouins in the Middle East used to have their Arabians sleep in their tents with them at night and they are very much people horses. A lot of people in my area that I've come in contact with dislike Arabians because they can't treat an Arabian any old way they want to. They like dead broke horses who let you do whatever to them. I've gotten a lot of guff having an Arabian, but I wouldn't change having Mario for the world :)

jemmamalone 02-08-2009 09:48 PM

Aww after reading all this i cant wait to spend time with jaxx and train her and get to become friends with her. Thankyou so much :)

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