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Wallaby 06-29-2013 01:25 PM

scaly-bloody bump on fetlock?
I've been noticing a very small [smaller than the average little black fly...but not much smaller], scaly, hard "lump"/"tag" [it's mostly a lump but there was a part that was hanging off] on the outside of Lacey's left front fetlock. It's been there for a few months without changing at all or getting bigger so I haven't really thought too much about it.
However, yesterday she got a bath and after the bath, the tag part somehow ripped off = reasonable amount of blood. The lump is still present.

Then, this morning I was examining her legs more and found another scaly, tiny, lump-thing on her right hind fetlock, on the inside. I've never seen it there before so it's appearance must be relatively recent.:

I would be inclined to say that this is some kind of weird Mud Fever situation...but her legs didn't get muddy at all this year and this is the first year out of 4 that she has NOT gotten really severe Mud Fever on all four legs (dark leg included). Also, since I noticed the lump-tag months ago, you would have thought that Mud Fever would be going crazy by now, given her history.

She does have an absolutely terrible immune system though so I'm a bit stymied.
My other guess was melanomas, at least for that front leg one...but melanoma on a fetlock? Really? haha

Anyway: worry about these/medicate the living snot out of them, or let it be?
Any guesses for the mystery lumps? haha

Thanks a bunch!!

deserthorsewoman 06-29-2013 02:48 PM

I'd keep it clean and covered with some ointment and keep watching it. Could be anything, really.....
After 20 somewhat years with a horse with papillomatosis on one leg, those things don't scare me anymore lol. Furazone does a great job on them, without excessive cleaning before( no scrubbing with harsh stuff). Dries it right up.

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