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JustWingIt 06-30-2013 12:21 AM

Going to my first event in a week!
I'm freaking out a little bit, haha! I just moved to this eventing barn a month and a half ago and I'm going to my first event next weekend!

Last weekend I took my gelding, Xander, to a two-phase, and he was a perfect angel so I'm not worried about how he will behave. And I know what I need to work on for dressage.

The event that I'm going to is geared mostly toward young/green horses/riders so the level I'm doing is 'modified' beginner novice. Its a bn dressage test, but the jumping height is only 2 feet. If all goes well I'll do regular bn for the rest of this season!

Side note: I'm so happy because in my lesson today my trainer said she thought my gelding could be pretty successful going novice at larger events and training at smaller ones. This is a horse that I rescued for barely any money, we don't even know what breed he is, and he used to buck me off on a regular basis. I just love this horse!

Ok, I have a bunch of random/obscure questions for all you masters

So, my cross country colors are baby blue and navy, and I was wondering is anyone had seen prof choice ballistic bell boots in navy for sale any where on line? I can't find them in any of my regular places, but I'd really like them. My gelding gets rubs from any other kind of bell boot, so I can't get rubber colored ones, which are easy to find. Also, ear nets, anyone have any recommendations? I do not like ones with fringe, just so you know:)

Nother question, my barn has a lady that they use for embroidery, so she has our farm logo on file and can embroider nearly anything. I was thinking of asking her to put our farm logo and name on my pad that I use for cross country (my colored one). Cool or weird?

So, for cross country are you expected to be able to go through water for all levels? I haven't been able to 'school' my gelding through water, but its not like he runs away from large puddles or anything, and hes never spooked at a jump,, so I'm not THAT worried.

Dressage....I need to work on being straighter and more direct to my letters on my test, I'm working on it with my trainer, but new ideas are always good, anyone have any?

Anyone have any tips for between phases, organizationally?
Ok, dumb newbie question, what order will they be in? I assume dressage, show jumping, then cross country right? :oops:

I'm sure as the date draws closer, I'll come up with more questions, but for now, thanks for helping this newbie :)

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