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jannette 06-30-2013 01:11 AM

Riding with a bosel pros & cons??
When I got my mare, a little over 3yrs ago, she had some serious issues with with any pressure on her face. I was told that prior to me purchasing her she had been brought over back words twice. once while being rode and once with driving reins. when I got her it took me some time to be able to get her to flex without her trying to move away. the first time she jumped away like I had a barbed wire halter on her:-(...anywho I kept being gentle and working her through this and then we went to a trainer to help both of us. the trainer used a bosal on her and then worked with me with her in the bosal, i'd never used one prior. she worked great in it and still does. we do a lot of trail riding and ive moved cows with her ext. and never thought about moving her out of it. ive since also purchased a lopping hackamore for her and also moved some of our other horses to them and they've also done ? is everyone I ride with is always telling me that I need to mover her into a bit and that putting the other horses in them im running a huge risk in horses taking off with me bla bla but I feel like they do head tossing ext... like to here some opinions..are they ment to be short term use only or if it works do it? thoughts??

Dustbunny 06-30-2013 01:53 AM

I have met trail riders who only ride with bosals. I wish I had the knowledge to use one. If your horse is responsive to you I can't see that you are any risk to other riders. I have seen horses in bits be terror enough on the trail to clear out the place.
A trained horse is a trained horse. Chances are some of those riders offering advice could concentrate a little more on what they are sitting on. : )

SorrelHorse 06-30-2013 02:02 AM

Bosals are great tools, with someone who has the knowledge to use one.

You should be fine in it. If you aren't showing her, there's no need to change.

boots 06-30-2013 11:45 AM

I know a guy who does day work on ranches around here who rides a 10 year old in a bosal. There are limits to how handy his mare is, but for average work they are still a help.

He has no interest in moving beyond what she is capable of at this time. Basic turns, stops, etc.

I see no problem with it.

Fort fireman 07-13-2013 12:45 PM

In my opinion when you have people telling you and warning you about horses running through bosals and loosing control you have people that don't know or understand bosals. Yes, they can learn to run through them but if used correctly they are great tools. They don't get the refinement that bits can offer but for hacking around and trail stuff they work well. They do limit your showing outlets a bit because of the age limitation that are set up in the shows but if you don't show, no big deal. I love my hackamores and now have moved up to the two rein on my gelding.
When I got my first hackamore at the local tack store( it was junk but it was a starting place) I got the same story. Be careful, don't ride the horse outside an arena, hell run away with you , bla bla bla. It lightened my horse up dramatically in short order from the snaffle he was started in. There's a quote from Martin Black I think. "If you want to improve your horse try changing the bit, if you want to improve your horsemanship try changing your hands" the hackamore forces you to do that.

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