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Moxie 02-09-2009 08:51 PM

Dishonest Horse People
I just got seriously burned with the whole agreement with Rogue.

To make a very long story short, I called the place that I have Rogue at, which happens to be with the people who gave her to me. I called them to tell them that I was removing her from their property.

I got an offer to trade, for the mare here:

and seens how I feel that Rogue is more than a handful, I was going to take the trade.

I talked to the people who gave me Rogue, and apparently her feet need to be done again, which is different than what I was told when I got her. I was told that her feet were done THE DAY they offered her to me, and that they wouldn't need to be done in another 6-8 wks. The boarder proceeded to tell me that she would recommend that I take Rogue to the vet to have her sedated, so her husband (who was supposed to have done the feet in the first place) could work on her.

I have been feeling like they kind of 'saw' me coming. I have been out to their barn doing chores and helping out every day last week, for several hours at a time. Which was the agreement, I'd help out in exchange for a discount on board, and training to get Rogue back to where she 'should' be. Well the whole week that I was out there, I saw them work with Rogue once, and that was because I asked/told them to.

So, today.... I call them and tell them I am removing Rogue from the site, I used the 'taking Rogue to a farrier' excuse, as I know they would pitch a fit if they knew I was going to trade her. Yes, it was shady on my part, but....

As I am talking to the barn owner, things start to turn ugly, and it would have resulted in me having to bring the police down to remove Rogue from the place.

Well, as the barn owner is yelling at me, and trying to turn things around to make it seem that I have no right to take Rogue off the property, I am getting more and more nervous and more and more irritated.

Well, it ended that I would have needed to get Rogue off the property tonight. I would have needed the police to come out with me, not to mention to try and find trailering, and a place for her Rogue to stay for a couple of days.

I feel so horrible about what I am going to say next, and I really hope I dont get flamed (just try and see it from my point of view) but I just gave the horse back. It would have been far more hassle than what it's worth. At this point I think Rogue was too much horse for me, and I am a big enough person to admit it. I think the situation that I got in was horrible, and I will just have to chalk it up to a lesson learned.

I am extremely sick and upset over what has just transpired, not only that, but I feel so bad for Rogue. I know that this story probably seems a little sorted and fishy, but to those of you who I have talked to regularly about this issue, it makes perfect sense.

I just needed to vent. *Here's a cookie*

Walkamile 02-09-2009 09:03 PM

Sorry to hear what a tough time you've had, but I think you probably made the right decission under the circumstances. Don't lose heart! There are some very trustworthy people out there. Due to this experience you will go into the next situation with open eyes.

Keep your chin up :-).

JustDressageIt 02-09-2009 09:35 PM

Awe, Bobbie, I'm so sorry to hear that. What a disappointment. She looked to be in okay health, albeit a tad flabby and not touched, so she won't be too terrible left at that place.
Now it's time to go find your dream horse!!

Moxie 02-09-2009 09:38 PM

Oh yea! Her barn name if you wanna call it that was Fatty McButter Pants

onetoomany 02-09-2009 09:56 PM

I feel for you and all your troubles but there are a few things that are confusing me. If Rogue is your horse why can't you trade her if you want to? Yes, maybe it'll tick off your BO but you can always keep your new horse somewhere else. I was also wondering why you would need police involvement in the issue? If you don't care to share that's fine but if the horse is legally yours and all debts are paid with the people you are keeping her with, you should be able to take her off property anytime you want. In fact if someone told me I couldn't take my horse off the property (and I was all paid up) I would arrange for something that day and my horse would be out of there. I was also wondering how she could be so nasty as to need to be sedated to have her feet done?

I am very sorry that you ended up having to give her back and were unable to do a trade with her.

NewHeart 02-09-2009 10:04 PM

I agree with Onetoomany that there should really not be any issues if you own the horse. From how it sounds you acquired this horse without any payment? Please correct me if I am wrong. Either way, did you get anything in writing, such a bill of sale? Even if the horse was given to you, you should have obtained something in writing saying that you legally own that horse. I understand no one wants hard feelings, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Anyway, my point is, if you want to sell or trade your horse you should be able too. My apologies for your misfortune, hopefully things will work out for the better for you!

Moxie 02-10-2009 07:46 AM

I did in fact get a bill of sale or a receipt that states "Misty Paid In Full", Misty was Rogue's name before I changed it.

I did have every right to take Rogue off the property, however it would have been a huge hassle to do so. I would have had to find trailering, and a place for Rogue to stay at very little notice (last night). Not to mention to round up a police officer to escort me to the barn to get my horse. My all means, I was well within my rights.

Rogue was a rescue case, she was broke and then left out to pasture for about 5 yrs. She had developed her own personality and was very pushy around people. I am a NEW horse owner. Rogue was my first horse, so, I was dealing with her the best that I could, often times without assistance from the trainer. I thought I was going at it alright, however she did kick out at me a couple of days ago. At that point it was clear to me that she is too much for me, and I would need to find her a new home. Not only that, but I was getting very little help in way of training despite the agreement that was made.

Along with the kicking out, she had trust issues, although she was starting to warm up to me, which made my decision even harder. We do believe that she was possibly twitched, or at the very lease head shy, and she was so testy, that yes, in fact she would have needed something on board in order to just get her feet done.

So, I wanted to take Rogue off site WED/THURS to be traded. I wasnt allowed that, I was only allowed to come get my horse last night, I had NO trailering, and NO place for her to stay between last night, and WED/THURS. Once things got to that point, I did what was best for me, and I had to walk away from Rogue, and those people.

Again, I am very sick about how everything went down. If things would have worked out alright, I know Rogue would have been going to a good home. Now, I can only hope that she'll either be sold, or they'll start working with her.

iridehorses 02-10-2009 08:59 AM

Bobbie, it may have all been for the best. It didn't seem like a good fit and Rogue was way over your head at this time. It's hard to give up on a horse but sometimes it is for the best - not only for the horse but for the people at the barn where you got/had him.

There are a lot of good horses out there and you'll find the right one. I've gone through a lot of horses in my life; some I've only had for a few days. When it's right, you will know it. It took a year of trying and trading different horses to find Bobo - and that is with 30+ years of experience in owning and training horses behind me. It is a learning process and don't be afraid to give a horse back. The very worse thing you can do, especially at this stage in your experience, is to "save" a horse and think you can work out his problems - find a horse that will teach you and not the other way around.

NewHeart 02-10-2009 11:54 AM

So you left your horse with the previous owners because you could not find a trailer? I am not trying to sound condescending, I just want to make sure that I read your post correctly. I do agree with iridehorses that with your lack of experience, you would probably benefit more to find a horse that better suits your level of ability. However, I would not just have left my horse with the previous owners. I sympathize with your trailer situation, seeing as I have been there as well. However, dumping your horse on the previous owners is not the option either. Typically, it is proper stable etiquette to leave a 30 days notice before you leave, but in some situations that is unavoidable. If you can legally prove that you own this horse, then I would be looking for a place to put her, go back and get her, and sell her yourself.

You should be able to get a sheriff to come with you while you get your horse. The state on MN has a law, where if the boarder has not paid board between 60-90 days (I believe that is the set time, however don't hold me too it), the barn owner can place a lien on the horse or obtain ownership. After the horse is taken under new ownership, a sheriff sale will take place for the amount of board owed on the horse.
I thought I would point that out to you, in case you do decide to change your mind.

I am not sure if you paid board or not, or perhaps you have an agreement with the previous owners to leave her? I am just pointing out that you do indeed have options, and should not feel that you have to leave your horse there if you really did not want too. Either way, good luck to you, and If I have this all wrong about the situation, I'm sorry about the long post. Like I said before, I just wanted to point out that you have do have options, if the is indeed the case.

iridehorses 02-10-2009 12:36 PM

NewHeart, I agree with what you've said but I think there is more to this situation then just having a horse at a boarding stable and not being able to move him.

In a normal situation, what you say is the proper way to do it but I believe this is an odd situation.

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