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TheAQHAGirl 06-30-2013 07:17 PM

Okay I haven't been expecting this!
These past few weeks have been tremendous!

I've been working very hard with Faith for these past few weeks. We've been just trying to do more collection work, lifting her back and using her hind to push her. Shes been doing very good and has been making steady progress. However at these few shows I've been training for...Holy cow!

Last week's show was awesome, even though it was pretty small (which was a shock considering how many people attended the last one). Faith put her A game on and we just rocked the show.

We got 2nd in halter, then Grand Reserve Champion in halter stock horses. Then we ended with 3 first places, 4 second places (including the reserve + halter), and a 6th! I was very shocked on how well she acted. This was her first time in the fair grounds that we were at and she didn't seem to mind much of it, even though she was in heat. And she did have a temper tantrum during the western events, but overall she did a awesome job.

Then today...Well she just cleaned up the classes.
She got a 4th in halter, 1st in showmanship, 2nd in english equitation, 3rd in english pleasure, 1st in western horsemanship, and 1st in western pleasure. And each class had at least 10 kids! Very, very proud of Faith for putting her game face on! There was also this kid with her adorable mule showing. Faith really felt the need to see what it was and poke it, she acted like he was going to kill her lol.

But here is a thing that ticks me off. One of my friends came up to me asking if I wanted a kitten, at first I thought she was joking but she wasn't. Some lady came up to the show with a box full of 5-week-old kittens and said, "Free kittens, here have them!" and just left them there supposedly. Well, being the sap that my mom and I are we took a kitten home. We put it in a separate room away from our other 2 cats. We're getting her checked out tomorrow. She was really covered in fleas but I think my mom and I took most of them out...Poor little baby. ):

Anyways this was a awesome experience and I hope to see one again!

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