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crystalsowner 06-30-2013 07:52 PM

First mini ever!! Pregnant?
I have had horses since I was 10 yrs old, and Im a lot older now. LOL. But never had the chance to own a mini, but I have wanted one for many years. Took this little mare in a trade. Shes said to be 7 yrs old. She has been exposed to a stallion for 5 months, and the lady said the one that had her before her may have exposed her to a stud as well. Does she look pregnant to anyone else? Any meet my beautiful and sweet Crystal Had her a day and I love her already!! Excuse the poo in the pics its part of our colic control and I hadnt cleaned it up since its been so very hott here.

FeatheredFeet 07-01-2013 01:27 PM

Welcome to the forum.

Very pretty little girl. I hope she is at least registered and that the sire of her possible baby, is too. I say this, because there are literally thousands of Minis needing homes. Much due to irresponsible breeding. What is her breeding?

You probably should join Li'l Beginnings Mini Horse forum. You should read through all the messages there. You will learn a great deal. Minis are notorious for having foaling problems. Major foaling problems. You will need to be thoroughly aquainted with them, including red bag births. You will need Mini-proof fencing. This to keep your girl in and dogs and other animals, out.

I do not suggest keeping her with large horses.
I do suggest, being very careful about her food. Minis get fat easily and many feed them too much. Your girl looks in good condition now.
I don't suggest free grazing for more than 2 hrs. per day. Most Mini owners keep them on dry lots.

Your girl appears to have weak forelegs and over at the knee. Hopefully the stud has correct legs. Have you a picture of him?

I also hope that your girl and the stud, have been tested for LWO. This is extremely important in Minis.

What are your plans for your girl? Difficult for anyone on a forum, to say if she is pregnant, but your vet should be able to tell you.


Kamakazi 07-08-2013 11:53 PM

Judging by the pictures and the information given, I'd say she isn't expecting.
Mainly because if she's been exposed to a stud in the past and hasn't taken, she's likely unable to foal. Mini's are also very notorious for being chubby. They are super hard to keep in the right weight range due to their size. People tend to see them as pets, such as a dog, and not as a horse (they give them constant treats, aren't ridden/exercised as a large horse would be). To me your little mare just seems to be happy and healthy.
She's a very sweet looking mare and seems to have a great home :)

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