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*ArabianPrincess* 06-14-2007 03:47 AM

Venting is good!
Im sorry but i have to vent and i wasnt sure where to do it.

Some of you might know i teach people to ride. I go onto this forum like i normally do and i go browse in the critique part of this forum and sometimes i find some very insensitive posts which i really do take to heart because i to have been said some of those things.

Example -

You're to big for your horse
Why are you riding in a dress?
Your contact on your horses mouth is too loose

And i can go on!

There are reasons for what people do! not everything has to be around what you or your friends do! If i want to ride in what ever clothes i can! i dont really see why it has something to do with anyone else. Fair enough you're open to your opinions but sometimes its good to keep them to your self.

What i posted before it was completly honest and it was exactly how i felt inside! I was raving with anger but managed to keep an amagination and see this from different point of views.

I know horse riding is a very B!tchy thing it can be but please people have to remember to keep there harsh opinion to them selfs! because i know what it can do to me and other people.

meggymoo 06-14-2007 05:55 AM


I agree with all you are saying. There are occasions when members could be perhaps a little more tactful and less offensive. The last thing we want, is for a member to feel offended, upset, or feel like they have been unfairly treated. I'm sorry someone has made you feel this way. If yourself or any other member feels this way, you can PM any of us moderators, or PM admin. We dont look lightly upon members who are rude or unkind to others.
We do our best to moderate all the topics, but there can be occasions when members speak there opinions in an insensitive and unfriendly way.
In the critique section, we agree with members giving their advice and opinions, but in a constructive, positive way. Not to the extent of upsetting other members.

barnrat 06-14-2007 03:31 PM

well said.

I also would like to agree with your signature. I ride a 12 hh pony and I am 5'4. He can carry me and we love to ride together! I have been on the critique before and have heard many times that I am too big for him. But I figure if he can carry me and has no problems then we're good!

DesertGal 06-14-2007 03:38 PM

I hear you! Sometimes people mean well, but it doesn't come out that way when they type it! :(

Sometimes people get irritated when they think someone is doing something wrong. This is not meant as an excuse.

I get angry sometimes when I see certain things, but I try not to type angry. And what I think, or have been taught by a trainer, can be very different than another trainer's opinion. Hehe!

I went to a Leslie Desmond clinic last Feb. I absolutely love her methods. I have met some people who absolutely hate her methods... :? Ah well, *sigh,* everybody has his/her own way of doing things.

I usually don't critique for this reason. Ok, I play it safe :wink: .


You're to big for your horse
Why are you riding in a dress?
Your contact on your horses mouth is too loose
Ok, on # one. If my wt. does not bother the horse, does not cause any problems, then my wt. is just fine for this horse! There are guidelines, but there are no rules. Some guidelines don't fit everyone.
# two, (Well, I don't usually ride in a dress, actually I almost never wear a dress, I'm a jeans kind of gal...) If I want to ride in a dress, it's my business. :lol: :P
# three, Gee, I always ride with loose reins. Christy responds so much better and faster that way. And basically I don't use the reins for much except an emergency. I use body language. :D :lol: :wink: Except for the emergency turn to prevent bucking or bolting, all I have to do is touch or gently wiggle the rein and the rest of the instruction comes from my body language, including whoa. :D 8)

Hay, I'm happy! 8)

*HawlynismyAngel* 06-14-2007 07:27 PM

i agree. i obviously havent been here long but people anywhere are like that.. on my moms arab if you have contact with her mouth she tosses her head and puts up a fight because she has such a sensitvie mouth actually she goes best in a halter and lead and so thats how i ride her (otherwise shes in a full cheek snaffle) and im 5'8 and ride her and shes 14.2hh as long as your weight isnt bother the horse then i think its fine. well said you guys :)

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