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Aqhaluvr 07-01-2013 03:11 PM

Beet pulp
I have a 18 year old aqha mare,during the winter she was probably a body weight of a high 8.:shock: It was quite embarrassing.We found out,let's call the family the smiths,Fed my horse because they thought we were under feeding.So long story short my mom got them to stop.So my mare was receiving approximately 7 pounds of hay a day with no exercise(After they stopped before was a bale a day).Now she is fit and has a bit more muscles.Though her spine ended up being pronounced.We put her back on grain and decided to put her on beet pulp.It's filled out although some still shows.To completely fill it out should we up her beet pulp or grain?


equiniphile 07-01-2013 03:26 PM

Up the hay. 7 pounds isn't very much (1 flake? Maybe 2?). My easy-keepers eat 25 lbs of hay per day spread out into three feedings. It's not good for them to sit around for hours without food in their bellies.

How much beet pulp are you feeding (weight when not soaked), and what grain are you supplementing it with?

jaydee 07-01-2013 03:40 PM

I find beet pulp better than grain for putting weight on - higher fibre and also has moisture content and reduces worries of sugar and starch overload (Only buy the type that has no added molasses) and increase a small amount at a time
While your horse is still trying to increase weight you would probably do best with providing ad lib quality hay

Aqhaluvr 07-01-2013 03:56 PM

Sorry ment to say at each feeding 7 pounds that's like starving my mare lol.We feed her 12% producers pride.I'll find out how much it weighs,we just measure a point and marked it on my bucket.

Aqhaluvr 07-01-2013 03:57 PM

Thank you jaydee for the advice ;)

Aqhaluvr 07-01-2013 04:08 PM

Forgot to add we bumped up her hay too,7lbs a feeding was when we wanted her to still loose weight.She now receives 4 or 5 flakes of grass hay at each feeding.

jaydee 07-01-2013 04:16 PM

Flakes can differ in size so much that its hard to judge - I think you just have to increase/decrease according to how she's looking - when a horse gets overweight its better to use some sort of a slow feeder so its constantly got something to munch on but eating 'little and often' than to have it stand for long periods and then get a huge pile of food stuck in front of it - that's when the metabolic & colic risks pile up - and ulcers too

Aqhaluvr 07-01-2013 04:49 PM

Thank you so much for all your advice I'm truly grateful!!She's had a history of colicing
2 years ago she coliced 3 times in 4 days the 4 day we had to call the vet for an emergency call,it was horrible.

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