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tlkng1 07-01-2013 09:16 PM

This didn't belong in the broodmare area as the mare in question isn't a broodmare :). I have yet another line on a very solid prospect, problem is, she's a mare. She is exactly what I am looking for in age, training level and price. Now, I have had mares in the past and maybe I got lucky but they were "normal" or as far as a horse can be normal; they really didn't have any obnoxious mare issues beyond maybe a squeal or two and a pinning of the ears during their heat cycles.

Now, knowing about mares, however, I asked the current owner numerous question son this particular mare's. uhm,. mariness. The owner fully admits the mare isn't perfect in that regard but she isn't a kicker, just a squealer and even then only if a gelding remains standing behind her or looks at her too long. In the field she will chase a gelding that looks at her for too long...(isn't that normal for boys and girls anyway? :) ) but the mares at our barn are turned out in separate paddocks from the geldings in two possible for the older and slower mares and one for the younger crowd.

The owner says she is a perfect lady under tack and even in heat concentrates on her is on the ground that the hormones kick in. The owner said she thought the mare may be a little too hormonal for a kid to handle on the ground, with emphasis on "ON THE GROUND."

My concern is this. The barn I board at is a lesson barn with teenagers handling horses at times bringing them in from turnout, rinsing down if really hot like they had to this time last year when we had that storm roll through that knocked out power for a week when the temps were over 100 everyday. There are also people coming in and out to get lesson horses etc. I guess I still have to have the question answered if she has ever kicked another horse just walking by but even in those cases I prefer to walk my horse back into the stall to let someone pass..just paranoia on my part as an owner.

I know owners can exaggerate or even de-escalate major issues making them sound minor. Horse buying is always a risk as you tend to have so little time to evaluate and this is no different; this mare is out of state and I would be seeing her alone as my coach is on her way to maternity leave so she is seeing everything by pics and vids from the owner. The PPE, x-rays and other things I plan to have done, if it comes to it, will be done at the local equine hospital so I will know exactly what the legs look like among other things.

I realize skepticism is best here, but, how skeptical should someone be? When do you have to start trusting that what the owner is saying is the truth and the issue is relatively minor? I could be in the area a good four days but if the mare doesn't go into heat I would still have no way of knowing her reactions. According to the owner the actual heat cycle is opposite in that the mare befriends anyone and is actually off cycle that she squeals..but from what the owner is saying that is ALL she kicking, lunging etc. but needs someone who isn't afraid to handle that on the ground.

On a second note, has anyone ever used the supplements that are designed to, well, de-escalate a mare's issues?

cakemom 07-01-2013 09:34 PM

My mare is a marish mare. She just went to the local 4h show in heat and showed her behind with my kid on her, who rides her exclusively. Next day we gave her mare magic, and the nastiness was over. I do believe it helps. We have been giving them daily, with much success.
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boots 07-01-2013 10:52 PM

The things I hear and read about which are attributed to gender, seem more likely to be plain old "disrespect."

I have ridden a couple hundred mares. Some once or twice. Some for several years. They do not act mare-ish. Not twice, anyway. I don't allow geldings to act mare-ish, either.

cakemom 07-01-2013 10:57 PM

Never had this mare do this until she in an arena with 3 other in hear mares, and a 14 year old in a show ring couldn't have a come to Jesus meeting. So....sometime herbals are our friend.
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toto 07-01-2013 11:25 PM

agree mares get a pass because of the 'mareish attitude' thing-- i used to ride a mare that was evil and her heat didnt make her more or less a jerk- she was just a mean ol horse-- i never linked it to their heat- just mares have an attitude- like most women, lol. :-P

agree with mare magic if youre not gonna be around and are worried about her ground manners around kids.

haviris 07-02-2013 02:03 AM

My first thought was if being a mare is a problem for you, then pass and find a horse in the gender you prefer. However, this "The owner said she thought the mare may be a little too hormonal for a kid to handle on the ground, with emphasis on "ON THE GROUND."", it is not normal, in my opinion for a horse's hormones to be that bad (mare, gelding or stallion), although I agree that it is likely just a respect issue, and I guess it comes down to whether or not you want to work on this issue that has been allowed to this point.

tlkng1 07-02-2013 05:48 AM

Actually Havris I didn't think of it like that. Just like people always say, boys will be boys, I never put a mares attitude problems on a level of the standard "mares will be mares" explanation but now that I think about it you could be right. Since the attitude is "expected" it isn't necessarily corrected...people just roll their eyes and mutter "mare" and leave it at that. Some mares I know also squeal just to make racket...irritating but becomes a habit like a dog barking for no reason (I have one of those as well). If it gets too quiet outside she decides she has to wake things up a bit (the dog :) ). While geldings are a preference I have had two very excellent mares in the past so pursuing this one really wasn't a question in that regard.

CandyCanes 07-02-2013 07:00 AM

I'm not sure where you are located, but there is a fantastic calmer for mares in season called Oestress. Holmestead Horse Calmers NAF 5 STAR OESTRESS 1KG

Its very, very good. You can get it in the u.s and the u.k.

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