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MK0B 02-12-2009 03:04 AM

Advice for new buyers and/or sellers: Do's & Don'ts
Hello everyone, I see that a lot of people ask for advice on here and are looking for horses and I just thought it would be nice to start an advice thread so people can share their own experiences in buying horses. Personally I have had a lot of bad experiences and a hard time buying my first horse and I know it's easy to get screwed out there.

My advice for buyers:
1. Don't settle (and try not to fall in love) with the first horse you see. Things can go wrong vet checks have to be performed.
2. Always get a vet check and an x-ray, especially if you plan on reselling.
3. Trials are good but a lot of people don't feel comfortable letting there horse out, ride the horse and spend as much time as possible before making your final decision.
4. Search within your price range.
5. Always bring a trainer or someone who knows more than you do. They can be an extra set of eyes and an objective third party. A horse may not be visibly lame or drugged to you but a good trainer can tell.
6. If the horses legs are obviously not clean from looking at them/feeling don't waste your money of a vet check.

My advice for sellers:
1. Don't get your hopes up about everyone who calls you, they probably aren't going to be the people that buy your horse. A lot of them will be not that serious and/or they don't like your horse.
2. Trials are a bad idea and if you do let your horse out on trial make sure there is a contract (make the contract out as if it were a two week lease), you break it you buy it and if they don't buy your horse have them pay you for the two weeks that they were riding him/her.
3. Your not going to like a lot of the people who try to buy your horse, hell you might even down right hate some of them (been there), but professional and detached is always the way to go. The more professional you are the more serious you will be taken.
4. Be firm with your price. If you've been told by a trainer or someone who knows the market that your horse is worth 12k do not take less than 10k. Don't let anyone convince you that your horses faults make up for however many thousands. A buyer who knows that they've got a good deal will come along.
5. It's all about advertising and getting your horse out there is the best place to go for online but other than that just make sure that all of the trainers you know know that the horse is up for sale. And try to find other ways to market.
6. Professional truthful ads make all the difference. Spell check, photos are a must it is not hard to take professional looking photos.
7. Focus on the good qualities, talk your horse up as much as possible without being obnoxious.
8. You know what they say, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION = Florida specifically Wellington and Ocala. I think horses are still selling down there but if you're not there good luck with this economy.

This is ridiculously long and I'll be surprised if anyone reads it! But please share your advice with all the new buyers and/or sellers! Questions are always encouraged.

morganshow11 02-12-2009 07:21 PM

good advice! thanks 4 sharing!

HorseLuva97 02-12-2009 07:49 PM

Thanks this is really helpful!

back in the crosby again 02-15-2009 05:05 PM

Your post is very helpful. I hope that many people read it. I would add one bit of advice to someone selling their horse.

In you ads place flattering recent pictures of your horse. Groom like you are going to a show and take good conformation type pictures. Also, if you are selling a horse trained in a particular discipline put a picture of your horse doing it.

I don't know how many ads I have seen with pictures that look that someone just when over to the fence and snapped a shot of the horse covered in mud in the field. Again, I have seen many selling a 5 or 6 year old with pictures of a yearling.

appylover31803 02-15-2009 05:45 PM

I've seen that too Backinthecrosby, and it turned me off from the horse, just because i was thinking "Why didn't they groom the horse up? is there a problem with the horse being handled?" "Why don't they have any recent pictures? Does the horse have an injury?"

I would also add, if you are putting up a video to have the rider look presentable (no sweatshirts or baggy clothes, or sneakers) have them in breeches or jeans, and appropriate shows and a nice polo or shirt.

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