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Rachel1786 07-02-2013 01:28 PM

Critique me with comparison video
I went up to ride my old lesson horse the other day, boy was she full of energy and just wanting to canter round and round(I remember a time when it was hard to get her to canter lol) For the last few months I have been taking dressage lessons at another barn, but I still like to go up and ride Molly from time to time since my old instructor and I are still close.
Anyway, here are 3 videos from the other day(there were a few times I asked her when we were cantering I was having a rough time getting her back to a trot. When I went back up I said something about how she was and she thought I was going to say she was lazy since apparently she was for her lesson earlier lol.

And just for comparison this is from the end of October 2011 on the same horse

and me trotting on my mare in early 2012(since that video doesn't have any trotting) boy this is cringe worthy

katec1991 07-08-2013 09:05 AM

I've never critiqued anyone before, but I'll point out a couple things I noticed. Your arms seem very stiff and aren't following your horse's movement very well. Try to bend at the elbow more and make it elastic and relaxed to follow the motion of the horse's mouth. This is easy to practice at the walk and the canter because that's when you will get the most motion. Also, when you are posting, you are lifting and lowering your hands with your body. Try to keep them steady. You have improved a lot since your older videos :)

thatkrayz 07-09-2013 04:11 PM

I agree with Katec. Arm's are a big issue for most people, though. Takes a LOT of effort to keep them in check! I really like your leg. It slips slightly forward at the canter, but I really love how you stay back when he's loping. Most people tend to lean forward. That was personally a really hard thing for me to adjust to when I started reaching beyond just Hunt seat. Haha. Your heels are fantasitc in that 4th video.

Keep it up!

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